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    any launguage besides ebglish is considered as spam, too?

    i saw some russian things that i couldnt understand and they dont even look like a sentence

    17 august 2019 14:13 1628

    Probably not, hope there will be some kind of punishment for this in the future. Its really annoying when you're trying to read something and see all this spam

    17 august 2019 14:52 1628

    Yea, i hope so, lots of people trying to spam but mods rarely check

    17 august 2019 17:28 1628

    Wondering as well. However, when it's like what @dodoization did here, the language doesn't matter, it clearly is spam.

    17 august 2019 23:59 1628

    It would be good to have a separate section for different languages

    18 august 2019 02:11 1628

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