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    i dont understand the task

    first task talks about technology but i havent gotten anything regarding that. am i just missing something?

    17 august 2019 13:20 2162

    It's talking about the 7th level of technology in the academy. Just research any technology at the level 7 mark

    7 october 2019 02:29 2162

    Wait can you explain completely how to do first task? do I have to build the acadamy and do you mean i must be level 7 before i can do it or do i research technology to level 7?

    9 october 2019 14:43 2162

    Where is the academy at?

    9 october 2019 14:48 2162

    New technologies will unlock at differet levels of the academy, so get the academy to level 7 and research a technology from that corresponding level. The academy is the building right above the senate. You probably have to get your senate to a certain level before you can get to the academy, i just don't remeber the senate level requirement

    10 october 2019 02:19 2162

    ? idk what this mean

    26 april 2020 20:01 2162

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