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    Any Tips for earning SG or other tips?

    New user, mainly watching ads. Any tips?

    16 august 2019 16:04 1628

    Ad watching is a very good way to earn sg. I think the "wannaads" offerwall has the best surveys, so it is also a really good way to earn.

    16 august 2019 18:07 1628

    I agreee its fast

    16 august 2019 18:15 1628

    Since you're new and watching ads, be aware that ads usually give only 1 gem. Not sure why we get double now, but I guess that's for the summer event (although it hasn't been doubled as soon as the event started). Anyway, just saying so that you're not surprised when it will go back to 1 gem per ad (and if it doesn't... well, then great ^^ )

    16 august 2019 20:28 1628

    Hmm Yes The Floor Is Made Out Of Floor..

    16 august 2019 23:19 1628

    Well, then yeah I guess. I know someone else that started to get 2 gems either, at the same time, so I can tell that's not just me (and same country. Now even if it wasn't, it wouldn't prove anything anyway). Makes me think it might not be for the event, then, however. Which may mean it will stay like that longer... I dunno ^^' Time will tell.

    17 august 2019 02:54 1628

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