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    Dirt 3 key?

    I want to eventually get the Dirt 3 reward but you can't buy that game on steam anymore (but you still can activate it I think). I can't help but feel skeptical that they may or may not still have keys for it stockpiled or something and I'm afraid it'll just go "your reward is awaiting delivery" forever or something.

    16 august 2019 12:29 1628

    I'm pretty sure that you still can activate it and I've seen many people trying to sell Dirt 3 keys, so there might be still keys floating around

    16 august 2019 15:01 1628

    Yeah but I'm wondering if gamehag themselves do still have keys.

    16 august 2019 15:53 1628

    The game has the fast delivery tag so i assume they still have keys

    16 august 2019 16:33 1628

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