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    is gamehag legit? i am new

    just wondering if thos is a scam or not thanks

    15 august 2019 21:39 1628

    It's legit, but of course they won't give you gems you should have got, sometimes. "Of course", because as soon as there's money involved, you can be 99% sure that there will be things that aren't fair, the same way your insurance will often do everything they can to not have to refund anything, even when they should. BUT you do get your rewards, in gamehag (and you can still get a fair amount of gems for the time spent. Although yeah, of course that's poorly paid compared to what you would get with a job ;) But someone trying to find something like that as a replacement for a job should get back to reality).

    EDIT : Oh, also, you need to reach lvl 3 before you can get any reward (other than ones given, like ones from chests). You can get xp by leaving comments in the forum (5 times per day at most), but don't spam (2 comments in a row is already spamming, as well as pointless messages or copy-paste of other comments). I advise you as well to not leave any comment in spam threads (like I saw you did in the thread "yooooooooooo my name is tooo"). It seems you lose xp if a thread you posted in is removed (because of the fact that it implies your comment is removed as well. I guess you won't lose xp if you already sent 5 comments for the day though). Spam threads are all threads created by people that spammed (it includes the ones where the author leaves 2 comments in a row before anybody else leaves one).

    One last thing : The "5 comments per day" resets after 24 hours, for each comment individually. Not at a specific time of the day.

    15 august 2019 22:37 1628

    Yes, Gamehag is legit. I have won quite a bit of prizes so far. It might be a bit grindy but I'd say its worth the time. The tasks are simple and easy to understand.

    16 august 2019 03:09 1628

    it's legit but it's a bit of a grind..

    16 august 2019 05:24 1628

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