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    What does tiwaz rune do?

    I read the description but I couldn't exactly understand what it means

    15 august 2019 12:17 1628

    The tiwaz rune incrases the reward by 25% for doing contracts. It work for 24 hour.

    15 august 2019 18:48 1628

    That's for the contracts indeed. They say "Wall of offers" because there are different "walls", like "Wall of Terror" or "Wall of Anxiety" (rather comforting names overall).

    Like they say, however, it does not work for surveys, be careful with that. Even though surveys are bad anyway, tbh. There's always something to prevent reaching 100% "right" answers (and either you have only 1 try or they don't even give you the gems once you get 100%. And you don't have to read after this if you don't care about my example of bad questions and my arguments to explain why this is a bad question ^^ ). Like, in the Minecraft survey, there's a question about how much gamemodes there are : 2, 3, 4 or 5 ?
    The real right answer... would first depend on how updated the survey is (which makes it a bad question already, unless they say what Minecraft version they're talking about). Creative and Survival were added first (creative before survival, unless I'm mistaken). Then Adventure (in... 1.6 I think ? Maybe 1.7. Whatever). Then Spectator (in 1.8). And that's it : 4 gamemodes.
    However, their "right" answer is 5, for "Hardcore". But that's not a gamemode. That's survival, only with one different rule (one life) and a few little tweaks to make the game harder. "Harder". It doesn't change the gameplay at all, only the difficulty.
    Also, when you create a world in hardcore, you can change the gamemode, with commands. It does not include hardcore. What that means is that while you will be in survival... well, you can change that. That's survival by default, but you can switch to adventure, and you will still be in hardcore. Same with creative, although it doesn't seem to me to make much sense, and to spectator (makes even less sense). So in this case, there would actually be 8 gamemodes...

    Also, gamemodes are a player setting, hardcore is a world setting.

    15 august 2019 20:48 1628

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