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    My artical isn't plagiarism but still it get rejected....

    Is their any reason for it... it's no even spam for real...

    14 august 2019 20:28 1628

    Considering your English on this thread, most likely problem is your language, too many grammar mistakes, other possible causes for rejection are, not enough pictures, a subject that's been used too many times, bad formatting, too short

    14 august 2019 22:11 1628

    my grammar is good i guess.. and i have added like 2200 words and not too many images cause its not needed.

    14 august 2019 22:18 1628

    It might be language or on how people rate it. If it's new and trending or not, it all depends on what you end up doing. Plus you don't have to trust me, I really don't know much about the articles anyway. Everything on this website tends to be broken for me lol idk why though.

    14 august 2019 22:21 1628

    It's the kids who don't want you to get sg from articles bro

    15 august 2019 04:57 1628

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