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    Article review system os broken

    Each time a make an article they have been rejected with weird reasons..I got 2 articles accepted after writing it to misty and the users quite liked it..but i only got 77 SG from them..though they were popular pc games' review and were quite long amd well formatted.. You can search Assassin's Creed Review Forums under From Users and judge

    14 august 2019 18:15 1628

    Reading your article doesn't mean anything to judge how good it was when you sent it, as it may has been modified to make it better (and most likely was, at least for typos and such, if you only got 77 SG).

    14 august 2019 18:28 1628

    @Ethanmooo, I can't answer that question as I've never written articles (I think the answer is "no" though). However, you do lose xp by spamming, which you just did... (of course, you have to be reported first, but chances are that you will)

    14 august 2019 18:48 1628

    @Azhunki no i didn't modify at all..believing or not is upto you

    14 august 2019 19:05 1628

    "as IT may has been modified". I was talking about the mods that checked your article, not you.

    14 august 2019 19:10 1628

    I don't think that happened i keep a copy of all my articles that i write..i matched it with that..and no nothing is changed

    14 august 2019 19:12 1628

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