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    Story of resident evil 4 prat 1

    Resident Evil 4, known in Japan as Biohazard 4, is a third person shooter survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom. Now I will tell you story of resident evil 4

     In this game tells the story of an agent from the American government named .Leon S. Kannedy who is tasked with saving the president's child named Asley Graham (president's daughter).

          Hasil gambar untuk karakter resident evil 4           
      .Leon S. Kannedy

    Hasil gambar untuk karakter resident evil 4
        Asley Graham  
     according to information he was detained in a village, then leon was accompanied by local police headed there to investigate. after reaching there leon decided to enter a house to ask someone.

    Hasil gambar untuk screenshot resident evil 4 cutscenes hdHasil gambar untuk screenshot  resident evil 4
       After he entered he saw someone was burning wood. leon tried to ask him, But leon was attacked.Here we start shooting the enemy first.by the way about enemies in Resident Evil 4, we are not fighting viruses but Las Plagas.Las Plagas is parasites that can control the mind.after leon heard the sound and then he peeked through the window, he saw a truck crashing into a police car that had carried leon, fell to the cliff.Then Leon was told by his friend named Hunnigan. She was told that there was an organization led by Osmund Saddler who used parasites to control the village there.

    Gambar terkait Hasil gambar untuk screenshot resident evil 4 cutscenes chapter 1
    Hasil gambar untuk Hunnigan

      After arriving in leon village, he saw the activities of the villagers and saw that one of the policemen accompanying him was burned in the middle of the village.here we can fight the villagers or run until the bell rings if you choose to fight go in the house whose door is open then go to the second floor to get a shotgun, you can also pick it up after the bell rings. 

       Hasil gambar untuk resident evil 4 Walkthrough Part 1 gif
       Back to the story after Leon managed to fight the enemy he arrived at the old house he entered to check,then he saw something in the cupboard,he then opened the cupboard and he saw there was a hostage namely Luis sera.He was a researcher and also a villager employed by Saddler to develop his parasites. because he betrayed Saddler, he was later arrested and put in a cupboard.there also Leon met with the village heads who were nicknamed big cheese.

    Hasil gambar untuk resident evil 4 luis sera in cup board
         Hasil gambar untuk resident evil 4 luis sera in cupboard hd
                                luis sera
    Hasil gambar untuk the big cheese resident evil hd
               the big cheese(Bitores Mendez's)
      Leon tried to kick him but leon was thrown until he passed out when he passed out saddler had come and injected plagas into his body.when he woke up he was bound with luis then leon told him that his goal was to come to the village to save asley.Then there was a resident holding a large axe to kill them, but they were still safe,bay the way this is where we met with merchant on the frist time.
      Hasil gambar untuk resident evil 4  screenshot chapter 1 gif   Hasil gambar untuk leon and luis sera gif

                Hasil gambar untuk resident evil 4 merchant at first time gif

      then leon reaches a house and it turns out it is Bitores Mendez's house then they fight again.Bitores Mendez choked Leon. But then leon is released from strangulation because Bitores Mendez knows that leon has been infected and he will become like him.Bitores Mendez then headed to his room, after then Leon chased after him.leon who was in a desperate condition was helped by a woman in the red dress.
    Hasil gambar untuk bitores mendez house hdHasil gambar untuk Bitores Mendez gif
    Hasil gambar untuk Bitores Mendez gif

      leon continues his journey until he reaches the lake and he sees two villagers throwing away the corpses of the police who accompanied leon at the beginning of the game.the corpse was later eaten by a giant salamander,at the beginning I played this game I thought it was a crocodile.after fighting the salamander he immediately entered a house by the lake there in the dream that he would become a zombie.
    Hasil gambar untuk resident evil 4 leon look the lake  Hasil gambar untuk resident evil 4 salamander gif 

    Hasil gambar untuk resident evil 4 leon,s nightmare 

      After walking he saw that the villagers were attracting giants. the name is ELgigante. If you help a dog that is trapped at the beginning of the game, the dog will help you. After successfully fighting ELgigante, you arrive at the church and find an asley.

    Hasil gambar untuk el gigante gif hd 

     Gambar terkait
    Hasil gambar untuk screenshot resident evil 4 leon and ashley meet

      for fear of Ashley throwing wood at Lion then Leon explained that he was here because he was instructed by his father Asley.After that they met with saddler.saddler told him that he had injected parsit eggs on their bodies, then leon and asley jumped from the window to save themselves but they were chased until leon decided to enter at home and where leon met luis.

                                                              end of part 1 

    14 august 2019 06:25 1625

    It's Part not Prat

    14 august 2019 08:33 1625

    Это часть не Прат+

    15 august 2019 15:26 1625

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