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    I know why you need to be level 3 to get robux

    To prevent scam bots on getting robux

    12 august 2019 15:24 1628

    Yes.this is very true a hundreed percent

    12 august 2019 15:25 1628

    I think you need to be level 3 to redeem any reward, because this way you will spend more time and do more things here, which is what Gamehag wants.

    14 august 2019 08:09 1628

    well, its not a matter if its levle 3 to get robux, its basic as the first part of the message says, its to prevent bots, multi accounts ect. to empty the rewards from the active users.

    but its only one of the reasons to why the system is like this. can't tell the other reasons though.

    24 february 2021 13:16 1628

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