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    Which plane is best in War Thunder???

    Which plane is best??? I like Migs. Which is best ???

    12 august 2019 13:01 11

    Generally speaking the american tree is probably the strongest

    12 august 2019 13:46 11

    This post is a tribute to my favorite WT machines (arcade). Feel free to comment and/or share your own.

    I am up to MiG-15 in USSR, tier 4 in everything else.
    BR level is given in parens.
    Star "*" marks planes I haven't yet flown myself, just going by rep and head-to-head experience.
    In bold are my favorite planes.

    Bombs away!


    A-20 (2.3): "catch me if you can"
    P-47 (3.0): all-around beast in this BR
    P-39 (3.7): 37mm troll machines, bomber terror
    BTD-1* (4.3, prem): seems like a fun way to troll at high alt
    B-17 (5.0): not quite as OP as some think, but still.. n00b fighter terror
    F8F* (5.3): tough opponent

    notes: somewhat underwhelming early fighters, gets strong late war


    Me-109 F1,F2,F4,G2 (3.3,3.7,4.3): kings of altitude
    Do-17 E2/E4 (4.7): was borderline OP before WT added 2 tons to bombload.. lol
    MIG-15bis (8.7): see Russia

    notes: lots of solid machines all-around. 190s are powerful, but their BR is tough (must be lots of good pilots)


    LaGG-3-8/11 (2.0): sheer biplane terror
    SB-2 (2.0): bomb-all-day, biplane terror
    MIG-3-34 (2.3): 2xShvaks speed-demon
    P-40-E1 (2.3, prem): all-around beauty.
    Ar-2 (2.7): 1.5 ton bombload with diving ability & maneuvrability
    Pe-2-205 (3.7, prem): best money-maker in the game, precision bombing with mucha speed
    Yak-9T (3.7), P-39/63 (prem): 37mm troll machines, bomber terror
    I-185-M82 (4.0): angry bird with turbo climb, instant roll & 3 center-mounted Shvaks. Whatever's in front, dies.
    Yer-2-Ach (4.7): "when 4 tons are not enough". Base-killer, though less influential than before; lifetime achievement award
    MIG-15/bis* (8.3,8.7): ppl seem to fear it

    notes: low-tier heaven, high-tier meh (except MiG-15)


    Beaufighter Mk VIc (3.0): 4x20mm tank
    Spitfire Mk IIb (3.7): all-around beauty
    Typhoon Mk Ib (3.7, prem): 4x20mm terror
    Spitfire F.Mk IX (4.3): all-around beauty
    Spitfire (Griffon)* (5.0): ppl seem to dig it
    Wellingtons (--): hah...really makes you appreciate bomber pilot sacrifices in WW2.

    13 august 2019 18:16 11

    Wow, thaks dudes

    13 august 2019 18:18 11

    Черчилль I мой любимый, быстрый и имеет хорошую броню!

    13 august 2019 19:36 11

    @bluzone can i convert your comment into article

    14 august 2019 15:37 11

    @ravenor it is already stolen

    14 august 2019 15:39 11

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