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    I have a question

    I have seen on this forum people tagging other people like in discord for example: @YourName so I would like to know if that actually tags people.

    12 august 2019 11:43 1628

    No it doesn't actually tag people but if it's on a thread that a lot of people comment on it's a handy way of letting someone know that you are answering their question, makes it easier to find a response if there's spam on the thread

    12 august 2019 11:54 1628

    So you can just say their name no need to do @

    12 august 2019 16:10 1628

    The @ isn't a character people tend to use, unless putting it before a name. And it's not the same kind of character either, thus is helpful to see more easily when / where someone replies to someone (I also do it when I just talk about someone in a reply to someone else, for the same reason).
    This can also be some kind of habit, too.

    12 august 2019 23:33 1628

    I think they don't get a notification, but it would be a great feature if you could do that like in discord.

    13 august 2019 11:13 1628

    Yeah it is but it can be abused

    13 august 2019 14:12 1628

    @Keloog Indeed. To prevent being spammed by notifications, we could only get 1 from the same person, but it wouldn't prevent still getting useless notifs. Also, it would be a little weird to allow only one notif regardless of the topic (instead of doing "1 notif per person per topic" (not counting there should also have to set the number of hours before we can get notifs again from that person, or the feature will quickly become useless)).

    Of course, there could also be an option to disable those notifs, or only allow friend ones. To go farther, there could also be either a blacklist or a whitelist system (meaning "blacklist system = people are whitelisted by default" and "whitelist system = people are blacklisted by default"), but with blacklist we may still often have to add more people to the list (which can be annoying), and with whitelist, most people wouldn't even bother using it, and there could easily be people that should be whitelisted but aren't, and may never will since we didn't get a notif, so won't know easily about their answer (I still think that would be the best option though. At least there would be some notifs, without including ones from spam. Now it may not be considered useful enough to bother adding that feature, and the bugs it could induce).

    13 august 2019 14:50 1628

    In discord, you can block a person, so that way when he/she mentions you it doesn't actually mention you, that would be a great idea to prevent spamming.

    13 august 2019 16:04 1628

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