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    What do you like most : Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings ?

    Question can be answered about movies, books or games (and you can argue).
    About my opinion :

    Books : I, er... don't know actually. I really like both, but they're so different I find it hard to compare.

    Movies : Harry Potter, without a doubt. There are events that were changed or discarded from the book, and sometimes that's quite a bad idea, but nothing comparable with the Lord of the Rings. They changed or removed things that weren't just "important", but fundamental. One example (which might seem ridiculous but it actually makes the WHOLE story pure nonsense, even thousands of years before Lord of the Rings even starts) is that, during Elrond's meeting at Rivendell, Frodo leaves the Ring at the center of the room, goes back to his seat, and even lets others touch it. Yes, this simple scene makes everything nonsense. Hard to realize in the movie alone though, as we can't even notice 17 years have passed since Frodo inherited the Ring, it rather seems like it was a few days ago at most.

    Games : Barely played to a Lord of the Rings. However, I played several times to The Hobbit. It shouldn't count, but it's the only thing I can compare Harry Potter games to ^^' Still hard since there are several Harry Potter games, and that they're quite different from each other... But overall, I'd say I may have enjoyed The Hobbit more ! (still like all Harry Potter games though. Well, apart from the Deathly Hallows ones... Didn't try them, but don't want to)

    11 august 2019 20:58 1628

    Harry potters better

    11 august 2019 21:24 1628

    Harry poter is better for me

    11 august 2019 21:27 1628

    harry poter

    11 august 2019 21:56 1628

    tbh harry poter is better

    11 august 2019 22:11 1628

    lord of the rings is kinda of boring

    11 august 2019 22:12 1628

    The book can be, it's not the "full of action" book people can think it is (when they've only seen or heard about the movie). That's why I wouldn't recommand this book to random people, even among fantasy fans (it's also mainly for this reason that I said Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings were just different, for books).

    PS : I didn't expect Harry Potter to lead THAT much xD

    11 august 2019 22:31 1628

    i like harry potter i didnt follow much the lord of rings

    13 august 2019 03:41 1628

    Liking something more than another doesn't necessarily mean you like it either though ;p

    13 august 2019 04:55 1628

    Never read the Lord of the Rings books, but I prefer the Lord of the Rings movies to Harry Potter.
    But I like both of them.

    13 august 2019 05:51 1628

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