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    Lost level cuz of disgraceful behaviour can't understand why?!!

    Didn't do anything..but lost my level just because i wrote about lack of earning ways.

    11 august 2019 17:49 1628

    Same thing happened to me, can anyone tell me what's happening?

    11 august 2019 18:02 1628

    Lost xp as well, and no @ayysid, I haven't spammed anything. Unless gamehag considers that writing in the forum is spam... Just like what I'm doing right now, or what you just did as well.

    11 august 2019 18:15 1628

    Or they just deleted old threads that are marked as spam so anyone who commented on that post will lose xp

    11 august 2019 19:45 1628

    Is that something that you know can happen, or only something you suppose ?
    In any case, if that's the explanation, that's stupid, we should retain our xp (moderators can't do anything against that though. Apart from giving xp back I guess, but it must affect too much people, it would probably ask too much additionnal work). Also, well, I guess we should try to stay away from topics that may be considered as spam then. Just in case (although I don't remember posting in any spam topic). But I think I'll try as well to post 5 comments at most, 'cause I've seen a topic where a guy was saying that he was losing xp if he sent more than 10 comments a day (which I assume was the maximum number of times you would receive xp before, according to the way they seemed to consider this number... I'm not sure whether I'm being clear ^^' I think not. Anyway).

    11 august 2019 23:21 1628

    LOL I was about to write one but oh no I am so scared now

    11 august 2019 23:40 1628

    Stop spamming otherwise you'll lose your level too

    12 august 2019 07:01 1628

    Yeah, I
    just lost a level. I am so mad

    7 september 2019 12:10 1628

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