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    Are the mods dead?

    I have seen so many spam threads and comments but no signs from the mods.

    11 august 2019 16:08 1628

    I have also noticed advertisements and spam....not sure if that is to be reported or if they are some kinda sponsors?

    11 august 2019 17:41 1628

    I just received gems for reporting spam. But I'm not sure they delete only spam, as I never spammed are lost xp (down from 53% to 38% (I'm level 2)). It's like they (or at least some of them) just delete anything that has been reported (feeling that is strenghtened by the fact I got my SGs really fast, it even kind of made me jump when I've heard something like 10 notifications in less than 3 seconds).

    11 august 2019 18:22 1628

    I got nothing from reporting spam ~.~ And yea, maybe they deleted threads that are marked as spam so anyone who commented on that post will lose xp

    11 august 2019 19:44 1628

    Uhm how are they dead

    12 august 2019 01:33 1628

    yeah i know the mods are kinda slow but i got a lot of sg for reporting 200ish spam comments, but theres some that hasnt been deleted for some reason

    12 august 2019 02:13 1628

    they deducted your xp because they think some of your reports are false

    12 august 2019 02:17 1628

    Kinda like not helpful right?

    12 august 2019 17:16 1628

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