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    Red Dead Redemption 2 BEFORE YOU BUY!!

    The pros and cons of Red Dead Redemption 2 and a short overview of the game in total.

    First of all before you read this keep in mind this is in my opinion and you are free to disagree.

    What is Red Dead Redemption 2 ?
    Red Dead Redemption 2 is a western style game that is set just before the industrial revolution. Made by Rockstar Games, released on October 26, 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2  is the pre-sequal to the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption.

    An overview of Red Dead Redemption 2 
    You play as Arthur Morgan,  a member of the ''Van Der Linde gang'' a gang ran by a man called ''Dutch Van Der Linde'' and the gangs over all goal is to live free from the law. But it doesn't end like that as you will encounter immersive gameplay and a wide variety of missions and side missons to complete and even challenges and much more.

    What makes Red Dead Redemption 2  immersive?
    The games impressive detail is what makes it truly immersive, from the combat to the way you dress and everything in between heres a list of some of the immersive features


    -Wearing dirty clothes <effects the way people look at you and what they say to you>
    -Not cleaning your weapons <not cleaning weapons can result in clunky combat and weapon jams and more>
    -Eating <not eating will make arthur skinny and able to have more stamina and eating to much will give you more health but lower stamina>
    -Horse care <brushing and feeding your horse will earn bonding point and make your horse better in combat situations>

    /\that list could go on for days but they are very few of the extremely immersive features>

    -Graphics <incredible detail>
    -Game play <smooth and authentic>
    -Characterisation <each character has their own different personality>
    -Lack of bugs <bugs are hard to come across>
    -Story <creative new story>

    -The ending <disappointing to say the least>
    -Dlc's <lack of dlc>
    -Updates <updates not all that often>

    list of details and new features added
    -clothes wave in wind
    -clothes get dirty when you have been in mud/dirt and will clean off when you go in water
    -guns now have customisation
    -clothes to keep you warm in cold and clothes to keep you cold in hot 
    -when to hot stamina goes down
    -when to cold stamina goes down
    -pelt quality's added for all of you hunters

    So is Read Dead Redemption 2 worth the buy

    Yes, The pros out way the cons and the game is a experience worth paying for

    that was all a very brief description of the game please comment on suggestions for the next review or comment on what you thought/your thoughts


    <please comment if you would like to see a more in depth review or have any questions>
    -thank you

    11 august 2019 16:01 1625

    i already watch it on youtube but thanks for this you did well

    16 august 2019 16:46 1625

    thanks for reading it and giving feed back and also there would of been pics if my forum wasnt rejected

    16 august 2019 17:07 1625

    oh ok i understand this

    16 august 2019 21:08 1625

    I think you should go more in depth and make it an article.

    16 august 2019 23:26 1625

    it was more in depth but the f#ck head staff rejected it and it was like twice a s long and it had pics

    17 august 2019 04:41 1625

    Have you tried 3 game

    17 august 2019 23:00 1625

    nice game, thx :)

    18 august 2019 01:52 1625

    Nicely done man!

    18 august 2019 07:48 1625

    straight facts

    18 august 2019 08:09 1625

    gta v is better

    18 august 2019 08:09 1625

    thank u for revieving btw

    18 august 2019 08:10 1625

    Nicely done man!

    18 august 2019 08:10 1625

    Now those who say gtav is better you are free to think that but in my opinion this takes over in the long run and thank you all for the feedback

    18 august 2019 10:50 1625

    yeah it is i really enjoyed it

    19 august 2019 15:18 1625

    RDD2 is good but cost a lot

    20 august 2019 15:04 1625

    thanks for this

    20 august 2019 15:19 1625

    thanks for this sup

    20 august 2019 15:19 1625

    red dead redemption prices
    xbox one/playstation 4-$50. AUD

    pc-$84. AUD (on g2a and it only just came out on pc so thats why higher price)

    21 august 2019 00:38 1625

    Lets Go everyBOdy

    21 august 2019 01:46 1625

    Thanks For Anyone

    21 august 2019 01:47 1625

    спасибо картинки

    22 august 2019 07:44 1625

    саркастический, если не спасибо

    22 august 2019 08:08 1625

    Thank you

    22 august 2019 14:03 1625

    perche le m ersde sono rosse

    22 august 2019 14:10 1625

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