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    Half Dead 2 review

    A short yet detailed review on Half Dead 2

    What is Half Dead 2?
    Half dead 2 is a single player/multiplayer game that challenges you to go through rooms filled to the brim with deadly and creative traps to make your time harder finding the elevator to the next floor or even the exit. If thats not your play style Half dead 2 offers a pvp gamemode were you have to find weapons and armour yet still going through these rooms in a attempt to find and kill the other players.

    Doesn't Half dead 2 get boring after while?
    The simple answer to that is no. Game play stays interesting as you are always finding different traps or obstacles to overcome and depending on the game mode you will always find different loot to help you fight your enemies.

    Is Half dead 2 worth buying?
    yes as it is a very small price of $7.00 and considering the amount of fun and hours you and your friends will put in to this game it is defiantly worth it. I my self have sunk 22 hours into it already and i got it a week and a half ago.  I mean 7 dollars for countless hours of fun.

    Does Half dead 2 have good graphics?
    yes this is one of the things i was very suprised with and that is w=how good looking the graphics are. Half dead 2 gives you many options of graphical settings to turn on and off some of them include

    -texture resolution <goes up to 200%!!!!>

    so imagine putting them together and you get a stunning looking game and they are only a few of the possible graphic settings that you can change.


    Half dead 2's bugs?
    Bugs and glitches i personal have not come across a single one but if you do the staff and creators are extremely nice i was talking to them on their discord and they go out of their way to ensure the best experience possible for you.

    character customisation in half dead 2?
    Yes there is you can personalise your character. When you start the game you begin with being able to change facial and body features but later on in the game you will recive creates that have new cloths characters and more that you can add to your player to make everyone their own individual.

    Is there a online community in Half dead 2?
    Yes actual there is a fairly wide player base, when ive played with people besides my friends i can connect to a game in seconds as there is no wait trying to find players, and hey if there wasn't a online community play it with your friends <highly recommend you play with friends (FUN!!!!!!!!).

    Is Half dead 2 worth your buy?

    Yes 150% this game will provide many hours of fun game play that you will not get sick of and it will create good times/memories when you play with friends

    -any other games/things you want me to discuss or review leave a comment-

    also any questions ask:)

    11 august 2019 15:15 1625

    не очень хорошо

    12 august 2019 05:47 1625

    почему что не так с этим

    12 august 2019 08:10 1625

    p think this game is nice

    12 august 2019 08:33 1625

    why you can make articel so fast

    12 august 2019 08:34 1625

    half dead 2 is funny then you make fun of your friend

    12 august 2019 11:13 1625

    Nic egame! :)

    18 august 2019 13:11 1625

    Thank you all for the comments if any suggestions please leave a comment

    18 august 2019 13:19 1625

    Is it free to play??

    19 august 2019 09:44 1625

    No it is $2.5 on steam.

    19 august 2019 10:03 1625

    Seems like interesting game.

    19 august 2019 10:25 1625

    It is a nice game.

    19 august 2019 10:50 1625

    It is a fun and in genral a good game i recommend it

    19 august 2019 11:57 1625

    realy nice game

    19 august 2019 12:32 1625

    i poor give me money

    9 september 2019 17:26 1625

    ma raagin eesti keelt sest ma noob

    9 september 2019 17:27 1625

    The name is really funny and creative. :)

    11 october 2019 22:01 1625

    okish game...

    6 november 2019 09:23 1625

    nice gamw i love it

    6 november 2019 09:27 1625

    how to play this game

    6 november 2019 09:43 1625

    that is goof

    8 november 2019 08:56 1625

    good day to you all I love you all for supporting this site

    8 november 2019 18:01 1625

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