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    TitanQuest helped me through a bad part of my life

    Sometimes playing video games is a therapy of sorts.

    What a fantastic game this is.
    I remember it fondly as it helped me get through one of the most distressing times in my life.I was never blessed with good eyesight and one day about 7 years ago my retina in my left eye tore.Not a small tear ... the whole of the top tore away leaving me losing vision rapidly.
    After an emergency operation I spent the next 3 months having to keep my face in a downward position looking at the floor for 45 minutes out of every hour as they place a gas bubble in your eye to put pressure on the retina,this holds it against the back of the eye to help it to reattach.You can just imagine what a frustrating and depressing situation this was to be in.But I was a gamer and we will never be denied our games !
    So I took the base off my gaming monitor and laid it flat of the floor and played Titan Quest with my head on the desk looking at it on the floor and my hands up on the desk for the mouse and keyboard.It really helped take my mind off my situation.I explored every location and tried to get every piece of epic loot it could.
    Unfortunately I lost most of my vision from the left eye even after the 5 operations that followed but my right eye, though a bit dodgy is still holding up today and I still love gaming.


    I was really excited then when the original Titan Quest was re released on steam as an Anniversary Edition and since then it has had several excellent expansion packs.I instantly purchased the anniversary edition and looked forward now to playing it, sitting upright.The game itself has not changed much from the original in my opinion .The game play is the same but they have made some improvements in the graphics , the loot system and items and definitely corrected some bugs in the game.I also just recently played in in co -op with a friend which is also pretty good fun except make sure your do play with a friend because when loot drops it is a bit of a free for all when it comes to picking it up.So if you have a friend you can exchange items that benefit you character build and not just have a random guy hog it to sell it off.
    If you have not played the game yet I encourage you to try it in you old school ARPG games.
    If you enjoy then you probably will also enjoy Grim Dawn from the same publisher.It has similar mechanics but into completely different setting which is a post apocalyptic future.
    I will more than likely write a review for that game as well if people like this one.
    Well that's about it for now.I hope you enjoyed my experience and I hope it has inspired some.
    Happy gaming to all.

    10 august 2019 21:41 1625

    Just pick it up on steam.In the steam sales it is always at a good discount.

    11 august 2019 15:10 1625

    Plagiarism from Androklos' review on https://bestlistgame.com/titan-quest-anniversary-edition-atlantis-plaza/

    11 august 2019 18:14 1625

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    12 august 2019 06:04 1625

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    12 august 2019 06:53 1625

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    12 august 2019 06:53 1625

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    12 august 2019 09:17 1625

    Plagiarising a sad story? NO DIGNITY

    14 august 2019 17:15 1625

    For all that think i have Plagiarised this story.I am in fact the original writer from steam.I just do not use my steam name on gamehag and did not wish to attach it to my name.
    If you know for a fact where this article was originaliy written [which you should if you accuse someone of copying] add me on steam and i will confirm that i wrote it personally to you.
    Otherwise if you like it please give it your approval. Thanks

    15 august 2019 00:15 1625

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