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    Counter-Strike 1.6 dirty secrets!

    Hello everyone! Today we will be exploring counter strike's server browser and its secret little packages that came along with it. :) 

    P.S English isn't my native language so if I make a mistake, please don't make angry comments!

    • The year is 2000

       In year 2000 Counter-strike was released and in fact it is also the first multiplayer game I ever played. And I will admit I had a pirated copy of the game because, of course parents wouldn't buy it for me. Also, if you went to school and thought why is it extremely forbidden to download old counter strike, it's because of its ''secret packages'' or simply malware. And who have ever had a pirated copy of counter-strike you all know that the only servers you were ever playing on was Asia, Russia or maybe South America. 

       But moving on forward the element of today all comes down to how open a certain platform is and that sometimes can be a problem. You got to understand at the same time being such an open platform you also open yourself up to more and more attacks being the more popular platform, being the most open platform, you understand that's where you're going to get attacked and unfortunately video games aren't too different either.
    • How were you attacked

       You see that Counter-Strike at the time and other shooters didn't have matchmaking where you just hit a button and the game finds you the appropriate players to play against and guess what, it's a great system. Hell, you could just hit a button and grab a beer, do something or even make some delicious tea if you had to and you would just get in the game. This system made that you don't have to search for servers in a server menu.

       But back in Counter-strike era you didn't have matchmaking and what it came down to was opening the server browser, finding a server of choice whatever map it was running, all of that and just clicking on it, loading up the required files and getting right into your game and for the most part it worked! But there were issues if you were playing on the pirated side like I was. And the pirated servers of course came with their own files and there was nothing stopping from modifying the servers and adding game-play features. And in the end, you could have zombie mods, gun game and other game modes. 

       However this came with an issue, see the server that I in fact played on or whatever batch of servers there were, was downloading files to my computer and in this case the files that are downloaded, some of them came with executable files and in the end I have downloaded a Trojan on the PC and most of the viruses were financially dominated so either they would lock you out of the computer or with your computer started doing DDoS attacks on other servers.
    P6zBZAQbnPRawGMIjO4dzWq2K7Qbt9.jpg WJNB6wS96xLvHjJYYFcPmHXXvWUKe5.jpg
    • Should you be afraid?

       In the modern times you shouldn't be afraid of malware in the server browser, because the antivirus will stop almost all viruses and in CSGO server browser there are no viruses, because it is protected by Valve. But if you do load up old Counter-Strike still be careful, because those servers aren't protected 
    • The end

       If you ever have been infected with malware because of Counter-strike, let me know in the comments!



    9 august 2019 20:40 1625


    12 august 2019 05:59 1625


    12 august 2019 06:05 1625

    i really want to play that game

    12 august 2019 06:51 1625

    but i dont have my own pc

    12 august 2019 06:51 1625

    i hope i got a good job and earn real money to buy my own pc

    12 august 2019 06:52 1625

    guess i need to work hard

    12 august 2019 06:52 1625

    this game is easy if you are good

    12 august 2019 11:13 1625

    you can buy it on steam if you want or download it for free

    12 august 2019 11:14 1625

    Nice in may mag

    12 august 2019 11:14 1625


    24 august 2019 11:16 1625

    one of the best games ever made

    24 august 2019 12:19 1625

    Best game

    24 august 2019 14:19 1625

    this game is amazing

    24 august 2019 14:55 1625

    Best game ever

    24 august 2019 15:21 1625

    best game ever made

    24 august 2019 20:10 1625

    у был выпущен Counter-strike, и фактически это также первая многопользовательская игра, в которую я когда-либо играл. И я признаю, что у меня была пиратская

    8 september 2019 17:45 1625

    maaa bad for deleting that

    8 september 2019 18:11 1625

    In year 2000 Counter-strike was released and in fact it is also the first multiplayer game I ever played.

    8 september 2019 19:23 1625

    I need help

    8 september 2019 20:01 1625

    omggg i love this game

    8 september 2019 20:32 1625


    8 september 2019 20:34 1625

    I love this game

    8 september 2019 20:41 1625

    im cool cool cool

    8 september 2019 21:04 1625

    This game is a legend! Best game ever!!!

    8 september 2019 22:01 1625

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