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    i play pubg lite btw :T

    9 august 2019 06:20 2269

    PUBG Lite is not available in my country. I hate it.

    But yeah, watch others play it. Don't shoot at everyone you see. And just play, you will get better over time.

    9 august 2019 13:00 2269

    hello hello pro bro

    9 august 2019 13:09 2269

    Only play and try new metods how play.. Say - you have to be moving... and many others ..

    28 august 2019 14:00 2269

    good yes xd

    31 august 2019 00:29 2269


    31 august 2019 18:17 2269

    Here's pro tips:
    1. When you parachute you should drops early with other players cause the late players is pro but early is noobs. ( Maybe...)
    2. Grab anything you see.
    3. Distinguish your weapons (Melee: No range, Pistol: Low range, Shotgun: Low range, SMG: Mid Range, Rifles: Mid Range, Snipers: High range.)
    4. Stealth is highest priority so don't shoot any Low range or Mid range guns cause you think you're so good or copying Youtubers. That would make them notice you and kill you.
    5. If you have low or Mid then try to ambush, don't run around the map and look for them just wait inside house or something...
    6. Don't be an dumbell and try to hide at a very obvious places like youtubers They are very lucky to not getting spotted or they tell them to not spot them.
    7.If you're driving a vehicle but getting shot just simple jump out and stand behind the back of the car... Don't stand in there too long cause if your opponents still firing then you may ended up KABOOM!
    8. Don't pick a gun with a knive.
    9. Grenades could be very usefull if you mastered how to throw them in the right angles.
    10. Don't get trolled or teamed up with someone not in your squad ( Trust me I already did and it did not ended up well)
    Okay so that's all the tips i know for you to be pros and one more IMPORTANT tip left... just play. It's not important if you lost or quit what's important is you have Gaming Experiences. And no matter how low your level could be but with high Gaming Experiences you could be lvl as fast as god! Ok i'm done now thanks for reading this i really appreciate it! :))

    2 september 2019 16:48 2269

    Don't be noob

    6 september 2019 21:47 2269

    Lite is love just camp ssssssssssssssssßssssss

    6 september 2019 22:20 2269

    Good game! Someone play it! True!

    8 september 2019 08:48 2269

    thx for the tips

    14 september 2019 16:56 2269

    camp the bridge 👌👌

    15 september 2019 18:09 2269

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