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    My Favourite 2019 games so far

    There were some great games this year so far and i wanna share them with you all

    5)Mario maker 2

    I believe everyone was excited about this game. I mean the only reason to buy a wii u back in the day was to play the first mario maker. In my opinion mario maker 2 has improved everything from its predecessor. i realy like the adition of 3d world in it, the new power ups are realy cool. The only thing missing is the mystery mushrooms which allow you to make themed levels but mario maker 2 is still a pretty good game and defenetly a must-own for switch players

    4)RAGE 2

    Rage 2 was not a spectacular game by any means but it was realy fun and entertaining game,though it got repetitive after a while. Rage 2 includes a wide variety of diffrent weapons to choose from, you unlock them through out the game either by exploration or story progression.What realy takes the cake though its the different abillities you get through out the game and they are AWESOME, in combination with the fun gunplay they can make for intense moments

    3)Sekiro shadows die twice


    If you have played any soulborn game in the past and want to play sekiro remember that this game plays very diffrently to those games.What makes it different from the rest soulborn games? Well the keyfactor to winning is parrying which in older soulborn games you had a wider variety of playstyles to choose from and it has watered down the rpg aspects of the game but despite that sekiro is still realy fun to play and i reccomend it 

    2)Crash team racing nitro-fueled


    Well what can i say about CTR it is as fun as it ever was.They basicly did everything right with this remaster the graphics,the music,the gameplay fantastic. They even kept the same difficulty it had back then, it is easy to get into it but realy difficult to master.Plus they added an online mode which it was expected to be honest.Overall a great game but tough as nails  

    1)Apex legends


    I am not gonna lie i do not like the battle royal genre. But i did enjoy apex legends. The thing that the game makes me love it instead of the other battle royal games it was its gameplay and team cooperation. Something you dont see often in games like fortnite. Plus it is more noob friendly than the other games and if you encounter someone for example it gives you time to react the other doesnt kill you instantly

    Thanks everyone for reading my article i hope everyone liked it. It was my first time writing an artcle so if you have anything to criticize me for please leave a coment below

    P.S English is not my native language so take that into consideration


    8 august 2019 19:32 1625

    najlepší app for ever

    8 august 2019 21:11 1625

    wow why you love this games

    8 august 2019 21:11 1625

    I think a proper list should include more games. Maybe I'll get Sekiro someday, don't believe I care so much about the other ones.

    8 august 2019 21:30 1625

    its a list with the games i played and enjoyed i cant include games i havent played or enjoyed

    8 august 2019 21:31 1625

    thoes are good games i like them too

    8 august 2019 22:56 1625

    i actually like them

    8 august 2019 23:59 1625

    i like it dude

    9 august 2019 01:41 1625

    Yeah, love too

    9 august 2019 02:09 1625

    great now i can download more amazing games

    11 august 2019 08:45 1625

    nice thanks for the games

    11 august 2019 17:53 1625

    LOOKS great

    11 august 2019 19:55 1625

    Metro exodus woud be the best game in this year

    11 august 2019 20:14 1625

    cool you pro

    11 august 2019 20:16 1625

    pls exp plssss

    11 august 2019 20:16 1625

    hi you cool good

    11 august 2019 20:44 1625

    i really like realm of the mad god, also nice game choices you got there ^^^

    11 august 2019 20:59 1625

    good job, thx for all

    11 august 2019 21:42 1625

    DAMNN apex why

    11 august 2019 23:29 1625

    goooooodI top

    11 august 2019 23:39 1625

    How many Balkans are out here actually :D

    12 august 2019 02:12 1625

    Within the first minutes of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there’s no missing the fact that FromSoftware has built its Shinobi-focused adventure from the DNA of the Souls and Bloodborne series. But this new mutated strain is as much its own stealth-action experience, one that’s more focused, cohesive, and in some ways forgiving, despite retaining its predecessors' trademark difficulty. As I rolled credits after 50 hours of pressurized-blood-geyser executions, fantastical monster fights, split-second swordsmanship, and sprawling, secret-filled areas, I’m left with a deep appreciation for this amazing journey and the skills it demands to master it.
    To any Souls veteran, Sekiro’s timing-based lock-on combat of strikes and slashes is familiar, as is the way you weave through the same excellently designed levels that snake, interconnect, and double back on themselves to reveal new shortcuts between little bastions of safety to resupply. Functionally equivalent to bonfires from Dark Souls, or Lanterns in Bloodborne, the Sculptor’s Idols are where you’ll rest, recover your healing draughts, reset slain enemies, access your character progression, and of course, teleport between them for a snappy fast travel.
    While I certainly enjoy punishing games that test me and my skills (and have proudly bested everything FromSoftware has thrown at me in this genre) there’s a sense of empowerment that comes from Sekiro’s generally more forgiving nature. For example, due to the seemingly smaller, more linear paths relative to the sprawling hellscapes of other FromSoftware games, I never felt like I had to go too far to find the next Idol and bank my progress. That regular cadence relieves a lot of the oppressive anxiety in wondering if all your work will be taken from you before you can make it to the next checkpoint, and once or twice I simply sprinted through an area, assuming an Idol was just on the other side. It usually was. That relieving sense of safety in Sekiro allowed me to appreci

    12 august 2019 04:25 1625


    12 august 2019 05:44 1625

    all of this game i play is pretty much cool

    13 august 2019 15:58 1625

    All of this game is pretty much good

    13 august 2019 15:58 1625

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