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    Multiple contracts

    Is there a way to complete both contracts for the same game? Is simply deleting the app enough? Should I use another phone or is it prohibited, sort of like multiaccounting?

    8 august 2019 17:34 1628

    I don't know, I'm new here. I'm looking for a way to earn some exp.

    8 august 2019 18:21 1628

    If you are talking about mobile games in the contract i think you just need to create google account then create your name similar to your name here and you are ready to go

    8 august 2019 20:48 1628

    Won't work as they record you IP address range when you download the game, doesn't matter if you make another google account or not. if the game was download by your IP address before you can't get credit again.

    8 august 2019 21:48 1628

    I'm not sure how ip works. If I go to my friend's house will that work?

    8 august 2019 23:57 1628

    I did so many contracts and got nothing i dont know why

    9 august 2019 00:56 1628

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