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    Game of thrones task rejected

    I have got rejected task from game of thrones 2 times and I did everything right what should I do?

    7 august 2019 21:47 1628

    In these cases, verify if your capture is well taken, either of good quality or in the objectives of the task, if you have successfully completed the task and it is shown in the capture that you are doing well, you should also take into account that You should see in the capture the same name as your gamehag account or similar in the game. If you comply with all that, you will most likely accept it, if you have a problem in the rejection and notice that everything is correct, just contact Misty and you will see her on her friends list, inform her about her problem and I assure you that she He will solve it.

    Greetings my pana from the Latin American region. Sorry, my English is not perfect. :)

    7 august 2019 23:31 1628

    From what

    8 august 2019 01:00 1628

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