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    Random steam games.

    I would like to know what random games did you all get from the random steam cd key in gamehag? I know that it is really common so most of the people have probably got at least one random key. Please do not say names of games you got from Premium steam keys, because I have another thread for that and that will count as out of the topic. Please do not say names of games people already sent in this thread. Here are the random games I got from gamehag: MAHJONG SOLITAIRE; OTHELLO 2018; ARKASHA; BUTTLE TANK; MINIBALLIST; HEARING; CMD 2048; WILDERNESS; DARK SNOW (that last one I got a duplicated code and got a refund from it, but it is still a random steam game so it's here too.)

    7 august 2019 13:29 1628

    когда ты получишь драгоценные камни (грех)

    7 august 2019 17:10 1628


    7 august 2019 17:27 1628

    got something called sliders

    7 august 2019 21:15 1628

    Just got one from the summer chest called political puzzle

    8 august 2019 17:08 1628

    Pheer; away from earth: mars; destruction paper and dark snow which I refunded as well

    8 august 2019 17:14 1628

    I know in general that random games mean any game you can get from your luckiness, but in Gamehag, I don't know about it. Because I'm new here.

    8 august 2019 18:24 1628

    i dont understand

    8 august 2019 19:51 1628

    Wish i could send the screenshot for all the games i got from gamehag but i got like 15+ games from this site(too lazy to provide all)

    8 august 2019 20:40 1628

    uhh,i understand

    8 august 2019 22:05 1628

    is it work?

    8 august 2019 22:56 1628

    I sell them because alwAys under 4 dollar games

    9 august 2019 00:55 1628

    "Oh you touch my *****" and "lots of *****"... Not only both must be utter ****, but it's like gamehag is trying to say something.
    Also got "sliders" today (at least this one may only be standard **** at most).

    9 august 2019 01:34 1628

    Haha, gamehag itself filters that word, while they're the one providing the according keys x) Not too hard to guess what word it is though I guess.

    9 august 2019 01:36 1628

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