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    Where do you like to drop the most?

    mine is pochinki, whats yours??

    7 august 2019 13:17 3272

    I like to drop to Pochinki

    7 august 2019 23:02 3272

    starting Island

    11 august 2019 11:46 3272

    YEAH thats cool

    11 august 2019 12:02 3272

    11 august 2019 17:55 3272


    11 august 2019 19:38 3272

    Good and morning

    16 august 2019 14:08 3272

    Well, depends on the map ._.

    16 august 2019 21:12 3272

    Erangel is a massive map that offers a good mix of urban areas and wide open stretches of forests, hills, and open fields. The scale and variety of the terrain are part of why it's still one of the more popular maps in the game.

    Where you decide to drop on the map can be a make or break decision. It's crucial to find a safe spot to loot before enemies close in on you, and that comes down to equal parts luck and strategy. The best areas for loot on Erangel are Pochinki, the School, and Military Base — which also means they're the most popular drop spots where you're almost guaranteed to see action in the first five minutes.

    The most popular drop locations on Erangel are Pochinki, the School, and Military Base. You can expect to find the best loot, and often the best players, when you parachute into those areas.

    This can be a good thing if you're confident in your skills and are looking to rack up some quick kills early in the match, but remember that survival is the name of the game. You get more experience points and rewards the longer you stay alive, so it's often smarter to drop into to one of the more uncommon marked locations on the map. Spots like The Mansion, Prison, or the shipping containers on the south side of Georgopol are less common drop areas with good amounts of weapons and gear to collect.

    Another factor you will always need to take into consideration is the flight path of the plane. The locations directly in line with the flight path are almost always going to be more populated, so if you want to start your match away from other enemies it can be as simple as free falling as far away from that flight path as possible. As long as you avoid splashing down in the water and land someplace with buildings to loot, you should be off to a good start.One of the safest and quietest ways places to drop is right along a coastal location so that you've got the ocean at your back and you can work your way inland towards the safe zone. This is a slow and stealthy approach that's great for newer players who aren't so keen to be dropped right into the fray.

    20 august 2019 17:16 3272

    in the tunnel

    21 august 2019 08:52 3272

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