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    What Is Sansar

    Well, you might think what is Sansar or why should download it,  well in this article on Gamehag I will tell you everything about the game.

    Sansars Website:  https://www.sansar.com/?utm_source=Pikoya&trans_id=fsf655408aa22c08703caf1a0a8c02a8eb&utm_medium=SSB00001&utm_content2=SEM_Home_Page_Download&client=true
    Sansars Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/sansar
    Sansars Launch Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS2iQjGe79w

    What is Sansar:  Sansar is an MMO, which is a massively multiplayer online game. This means you can play with a ton of people at the same time. In Sansar, you can do anything possible like making your character with your customization. It's amazing and the possibilities are endless. You can go to a wast variety of worlds and even in space! Sansar is your world and you can shape it to your liking. Imagination is the limit!vxTwmNFTlww0ACq9kyA4H8Wnwg1kpS.png

    Why play Sansar:  Well the game is amazing with amazing graphics and design. Playing the game is a pleasure. You can also play with your friends, family, and anyone online. You can connect and find people with your interests and similarities. You can also make money. By selling what you create in Sansar, you can gain money that you can use in real life.  And the game is a VR (Virtual Reality) game. With the amazing graphics, you feel like you are in the game. The game is perfect when you want to relieve your stress and immerse yourself in a world designed by you. If you feel like creating lightsabers and spaceships or destroying them in battle you can when playing Sansar.nq6cEVNJrEN2JSPldm0Sr2Xs9KJJhs.jpg

    The Customization:  Well now I will tell you about the customization in Sansar. Well, you can give your character any hair any skin and pick the outfit. You can become a bunny, a ninja and a cyborg. You can be whatever you want. I find the game extremely fun and use the customization abilities to its fullest. It feels like I'm in control. It is a great feeling to have and by playing the game you can have that too! The Worlds: You can go on to different planets and do whatever you want. It's amazing. You can go to space and fight off other players. You can live on Mars if you want too or you could live in space on a gigantic spaceship. You can teleport throughout your world. And if you want to a different world you can go to the sidebar and click the airplane and from there you need to click on the Atlas which will show you the vast world collection.

    Genres: One of the best things about Sansar is that the community can also make maps. Genres like Horror, Fiction, and Sci-Fi. I love the thrill of Horror combined with the amazing graphics it looks like real life. And Sci-Fi is also outstanding with maps like Star Wars where you can fight people with lightsabers. Fiction has superheroes, and floating magical islands. The game is developed so well especially the game is still in beta. With the future updates, the game will look like it's from the future.

    The Hud: With an amazing sidebar that you can use at any time you can travel throughout the world and have so much fun. And you can also join your friends.

    Age Rating: You can play this game at a young age it hardly as any sensitive content. So you can play with your children, parents, and friends.

    The End: Without being biased, I say you try the game out. If you don't like MMOs this can be the first one you enjoy. And to whoever read this article thank you for reading and spending the time to read my work.  

    6 august 2019 09:55 1625

    It is a VR game or if you download it on pc you can play without VR. Its has so many worlds and it can be played with friends. It is so much fun and I think you should try it.

    6 august 2019 14:18 1625


    6 august 2019 14:22 1625

    ano wea haha jaft haaqh
    yuu you haha noto

    6 august 2019 15:13 1625

    hi no na kno nana haha lojk

    6 august 2019 15:15 1625

    its looks like gmod lol kind of

    4 september 2019 15:47 1625

    super nice cool

    7 september 2019 09:55 1625

    we good thx

    7 september 2019 09:56 1625

    Nice LOLLLL

    7 september 2019 10:46 1625

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