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    osu! review.

    Hi, I've decided to rewrite my old rejected article and improve it a little. hope you guys enjoy it.
    Osu! is a popular skill-based rhythm game played by millions of people around the world. This game is heavily focused on the community and is open source. The game is simple, you click circles to the beat! that's honestly it... or is it? well, there are four different game modes that we will cover them after the main one.
    Welcome to osu!


    Osu! greets you with a nice welcoming screen every time you open it. You can download beatmaps from the site or just stick with the already downloaded one (not recommended). This game has a multiplayer or a singleplayer, You can play multiplayer if you are extroverted or singleplay if you are introverted (hey, like me!) anyways, there are online leaderboards rankings, You can get your get player rank higher by obtaining PP (performance points) To earn those, You have to complete a ranked map with high accuracy or a full combo.
    There are 4 types of different game modes (osu!standard, osu!mania, osu!catch and osu!taiko) and because of the little time I have, We will focus more on osu!standard BUT I'm still going to explain them.
    This is the main game mode and is the most popular one. In this mode, you click circles to the beat! simple right? well no, There are other types of circles you have to click. There is the hit circle (tap it one time) The Slider (tap and drag) The Slider with a reverse arrow (Tap and drag back or forth) and The spinner (Spin it! the more you spin, the more you earn score from it). A perfect hit to the beat is a 300, a 100 means you clicked it the wrong time, a 50 is worse than a 100, a miss means you missed the circle involving a combo break (losing your combo). 
    See, this game is simple to learn but hard to master. The more you play, the better you become and the higher difficulty you can play! Keep in mind that osu is a skill-based game meaning a noob cannot play a higher difficulty than a pro (unlike csgo where a noob can kill a pro) so no one will defeat you on osu! (Just don't play multiplayer if you don't want to get destroyed!)
    Also, osu can be sometimes annoying... One time I destroyed my Z keyboard key because of me tapping it quickly... I recommend always changing your keyboard layout at least once a week. Destroying your keyboard key is just a click away!
    This gamemode is so fun and addictive and you'll get better at it by playing it! (no cheats needed) I'm gonna rate this mode a PERFECT 5/5! because why not! (please pay for the keyboard peppy)
    Osu!mania: click on the notes to the beat and hold the taller one till the end. If you are professional at stepmania then you'll probably play this game very well (Just try and get used to the keys going down) I really enjoy this gamemode, I recommend checking it out. I'm gonna rate it: 5/5
    Osu!catch: Move your character to the fruits. Simple! you probably played one of these games in your childhood, I'm gonna rate it a  4/5 because of NOSTALGIA!
    Osu!taiko: It's pretty much the same as osu mania, heck it's literally Taiko no Tatsujin but you have to click the beats with your keyboard. I'm rating it a 3.5/5 since it's playing it with a keyboard just doesn't feel "right"
    OverallGamplay: 3.5/5


    It's a rhythm game, The graphics don't matter BUT HOLY GOD THESE DISTRACTING EFFECTS!! what's with these lightings and characters jumping at your face... I want to click circle! thank god you can deactivate them.
    Osu is not graphics intensive meaning you can play it on your grandma's old PC, just don't keep playing since it may explode!
    Graphics: 4/5


    Since osu is open source, You can make your own skin or just download one from the forums on the websit. It's a really cool and interesting feature for osu to have because people can be so creative they'll make a skin like the on the screenshot! (It's called osu csgo, check it out it's really cool). and Since the default skin is trash, I recommend replacing it with Yugen because it makes everything simple.
    You can also customize your profile on the site.
    Costomization: 5/5

    The website:

    You can do pretty much everything on the osu site. You can talk on the forums, check out rankings, download beatmaps, customize your profile, become friends with others, check out the blog, join contests, buy osu related stuff and more! I really like talking on the forums since people just tend to ask weird questions there and just like any weeb, You have to put an owo at the end of any sentences to be welcomed on the forums (jk)
    site: 5/5 (best weeb comunity)

    The beatmap editor:


    You can access the beatmap editor by clicking the osu logo on the main menu and then click on edit. Make sure to add a song and mess around with the editor to get used to it. You can always watch some tutorials on youtube. The beatmap editor is really simple and after watching some tutorials you'll make a beatmap of your favourite anime theme. Make sure to post it on the site so people will play it, it may become ranked if it's good.
    Editor: 5/5


    +fun and addictive game
    +skill-based and open source
    +Community focused
    +nice community
    +Online multiplayer and leaderboard/rankings
    +simple beat map editor
    +clicking every circle you find irl as fast as possible
    +Fast super hero reflexes
    +brag that FC to your friends
    -RSI is just a click away!
    -Destroying input devices is just a click away!
    -Burning your eyes is just a click away!
    -extremely addictive, Losing your minecraft girlfriend because of this game is just a click away!
    -a click away (quitting this game) is NOT just a click away
    This game is free, fun and addictive! I highly recommend playing this game but if you don't want to, then go play robeats or something else.
    See you next time!

    5 august 2019 17:39 1625

    Really good review!
    I am going to play it latter.

    6 august 2019 07:31 1625

    Congratulations @FaizKTG your articles finally published in the froum, I really wanted to see your articles in the main article page, I hope it will happen for your next articles!

    6 august 2019 09:10 1625

    its very hard at first but when i completed a song i cant stop playing

    6 november 2019 23:09 1625

    thanks for watching

    4 january 2020 16:11 1625

    Iam gonna do that

    4 january 2020 16:14 1625

    Id like to play it

    7 january 2020 07:59 1625

    and its a good review

    7 january 2020 07:59 1625

    id like to play it

    7 january 2020 08:00 1625

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