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    CS:GO Beginner Guide - Gun Control

    • Introduction

    Hello there! Here we meet again, in another part of CS:GO Beginner Guide. This time we will be discussing Gun Control. Controlling your gun in CS:GO is a very important task. Proper Gun Control can be a key to the victory of a match. So be sure to sit comfortably because we are just about to start.

    1. English isn't my native language.
    2. I am just getting used to formatting text.
    3. I am trying to write quality and original stuff.

    I don't want to waste any more of your precious time, so let's go!

     CS:GO Beginner Guide - #2 Gun Control

    In CS:GO, every gun you get will have different shooting pattern. While Shotguns are very accurate and deadly in close range, there is a VERY small chance you will hit something in the distance with it. That's where Rifles come in. With AWP, you can really easily one-shot an enemy on longe distance, if you know how to control it, of course. We will be talking about Recoil, Ammo Management and more!   That's what we will be discussing in this article, how to control different Gun Categories and when is one category used better than the other.

    • Knife

    Knife csgo

    While there is little to none knowledge needed to accurately control a knife, it's using is very complicated and good timing is necessary.

    The Knife is also very different weapon in-game. A Knife does the same damage to a player, no matter if you are hitting Head, Chest or Legs, the damage will be always the same. The only difference it makes is if you are hitting your enemy from the front or from behind. If you hit someone with Knife from behind, usually it's a one-hit kill.

    Knife has 2 Fire Modes.
    1. Primary - Light/Fast Attack (Left Mouse Button)
    2. Secondary - Heavy/Slow Attack (Right Mouse Button)
    With Primary Attack, you can kill an enemy with 3-4 hits. With Secondary Attack, you can kill an enemy with 2 hits. (Considering both enemies were at 100 Health).

    So our advice for using Knife is:
    1. Attack from behind, it's always a one-hit kill.
    2. Try to time your hits about second before actually getting really close to your opponent as Knife hit will not be instant after clicking.
    3. Only use Knife when the situation requires it. Trying to impress people by getting Knife Kills will most likely get you killed.
    Here is Official chart for Knife Damage from CS:GO Wiki (Unarmored):
    • HIT:                             Head     Chest and Arm     Stomach     Leg          Back
    • PRIMARY:              25-40              25-40                  25-40     25-40         90
    • SECONDARY:          65                      65                         65             65            180
    Data from: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/Knife

    Knives are recommended to be used Stealth situations when you can get behind your enemies.

    • Pistol


    Pistols are often only used as a backup weapon, in case your main weapon runs out of bullets. There are also people who play Pistols as their mains, but they are rare. Pistols, similar to knives require a low amount of knowledge to control them, but Pistols are a little bit harder since Pistols have Recoil and you also need to watch your Ammo.

    Without surprise, pistols have, compared to other weapons, amusing small Recoil, except the Desert Eagle.

    If you are new to the game, or if you just don't know what Recoil is, here is an explanation:
         Recoil is how much your gun thrusts back when fired. In CS:GO game this causes inaccuracy which means many shots will be elsewhere than where you placed your crosshair. In CS:GO, there is a Recoil Pattern for every gun. That means every gun has different Recoil, but the Recoil follow pattern identical to the gun and if learned, can be managed and used in your favour.

    It makes sense Pistols have small Recoil since their stopping power is lower than other guns.

    Players who play Assault Rifles as their Main Weapon, use Pistols less than players who play main AWP or Shotguns. Logically this makes sense. Assault Rifles can be used nearly at any range (including Long Range and Close Quarters) which means they don't need any change when changing ranges. On the other hand, AWPers need something to use on close-range, just in case - a Pistol. Shotgunners need something to use on long-range cause they won't be able to hit something in the far distance - a Pistol.

    Always be sure to check your Pistol's Ammo after a fight, you don't want to meet an enemy when you have 3 bullets left in your Pistol.

    We recommend using Pistols as a backup weapon, in case your Primary Weapon Ammo runs out, or you quickly need to change your shooting distance.

    • Submachine Guns

    CSGO MP5-SD Inventory

    SMGs are often avoided and used only in the early game because of lack of cash. While their Recoil is very similar to Pistols, it is also a lot different. SMGs have good Recoil when fired in short bursts (click, click, click, ...) but it can also be very inaccurate when you hold your Left Mouse Button down for a while. Their main disadvantage is their Accuracy. SMGs can be useful in Close Quarters and Medium-Range, but if you try to hit something in Long-Range, your chances are low (not impossible, though).

    SMGs are known for their quick-firing which is deadly if used correctly. This naturally comes with a disadvantage - their Ammo runs out quicker than any other gun. You need to reload often, otherwise, you will get in a fight with an empty clip.

    We recommend using SMGs as an early game compensation for expensive weapons. Fire them in short bursts instead of holding Left Mouse Button down until you empty your clip.

    • Assault Rifle

    CSGO AK-47 Inventory

    Very similar to the last category, Assault Rifles are weapons most used by all CS:GO players. They appear later in-game but can be seen as soon as second round if player get's enough Money.

    Assault Rifles can be used in Close Quarters, Medium-Range and even in Long-Range making them the most useful weapons in-game. In comparison to SMGs, Assault Rifles can have pretty high Recoil even when firing short bursts, that means to accurately shoot with Assault Rifle you need to try to keep them firing as straight as possible.

    Spraying (Holding Left Mouse Button) can be a good way to get rid of a group of enemies that are close to you, but you need to be good at handling this gun. Assault Rifles are harder to control the longer you fire with them. A simple trick to do when Spraying is to slowly move your cursor down when you Spray, as Recoil will make your cursor go up, possibly missing many shots.

    Some Assault Rifles come with a Scope (AUG, etc.) which can be activated with Secondary Fire Mode (Right Mouse Button). These Assault Rifles tend to be more accurate in Long-Range but overall useless in Close Quarters.

    We recommend learning to control Assault Rifles as you will probably play with them most of the games. They are the most useful weapon in-game which can be used in nearly and situations. You might consider one-shooting and aim at the head in Long-Range, but Spraying group of enemies in Close Quarters is satisfying too.

    • Rifles

    CSGO AWP Inventory

    This category is very short since a small number of weapons belong here.

    Rifles appear pretty late in-game because of their price.

    Rifles tend to be slow firing weapons making ther Recoil seen as null. In reality, their Recoil is probably the highest in the game, but it's not seen as it returns to it's normal place before player has another chance to shoot.

    Rifles are Long-Range weapons and perform terribly in Close Quarters and Medium-Range. They are deadly and often result in a one-hit kill. If there is Rifle camping behind the corner, it's recommended to not peek, as they have significant advantage.

    Player that plays Rifles as their main should have good reflexes and dexterity. They should also have high FPS and fast WiFi connection as lags make it hard to aim with these guns.

    Proper use of Rifles can be an easy way to the victory.

    We recommend using Rifles only when you know how to control them and when you have high FPS and fast WiFi. Otherwise, we recommend giving Rifles to better players as they might make better use of them.

    • Machine Guns

    CSGO Negev Inventory

    One of the most expensive and fastest firing guns in-game. They have huge mags which allow you to Spray your enemies to death. They appear very rarely as not many players like them because of their high Recoil.

    Machine Guns themselves are accurate. What makes them hard to control is their Recoil. If you try to Spray entire Machine Gun mag without stop you will notice how hard it will start to get over few seconds. Bullets will be everywhere, just not where you want them, at your cursor.

    We recommend Machine Guns as a way to push trough group of enemies by Spraying them down. It can also provide cover while your Teammates do something else. Beware that it's very hard to control their Recoil after the prolonged shooting.

    • Shotguns

    CSGO XM1014 Inventory

    Last category in this article. Also the most inaccurate and highest Recoil guns. However they are EXTREMELY useful in Close Quarters as they can one-shot at Close Range.

    Not many players use shotguns as there are not many situations when Close Quarters is needed. However, if you plan to push trough Apartments in Inferno, bring Shotgun with yourself. If someone appears, just let them fly away (lol).

    Having at least one Teammate who can control Shotguns in your Team is always a good thing.

    We recommend using Shotguns in Close Quarters, mainly when your enemies expect it least. There is nothing scarier than to meet an enemy in Inferno Apartments holding Shotgun in his hands.

    • BONUS TIP:
    It's advised to not always buy the most expensive gun. Be aware that when you die, you drop the gun. And I am sure you don't want to deal with enemy AWP sniper. If you drop expensive gun in-game, make sure your Teammate picks it up instead of enemies.

    • The End
    Thanks, again, for reading this (VERY) long article. I hope you enjoyed it and actually learned something new. If you did, don't forget to leave a good feedback. Your help is very appreciated.

    There will be more Parts coming, be on the lookout for them. Until then, happy gaming!

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    Thanks for your nice feedback =).

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    nice work this is very helpfull thanks :D

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    Play much will be a pro

    16 august 2019 07:53 1625

    Good tutorial. I used to play CSGO alot.

    17 august 2019 22:11 1625

    Ahh! the guide is too good. best guns of the games have been depicted.xD

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