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    Any body can send me sg???

    Please send it to mee

    4 august 2019 01:41 1628

    No one's going to send you gems, better work for it just like everyone else. also, asking for gems is prohibited on the forums.

    4 august 2019 11:47 1628

    Don't think you can transer gems for one account to another, probably agaisnt the rules anyways (I'm not sure myself and won't do it). You should just join the grind like how everyone is doing it since you're getting stuff for "free"

    4 august 2019 16:22 1628

    You can transfer gems once you are level 6. Begging this way won't get you any, as no one will want to give away SG to a beggar

    6 august 2019 08:51 1628

    As @Micker003 said for sending Soul Gems you must be level 6 atleast but consider that the user who want to receive those Soul Gems must be level 6 atleast too! you can't send any SGs to low level accounts.

    6 august 2019 09:06 1628

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