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    whats the Best build for zed?

    i Need help

    3 august 2019 22:07 77

    Probably yomuu, edge of night, if u are against an ap it's better if u build the hexdrinker first item, drakharr, the shoes it's always better mercury but if they are all ad u can do the tabi

    4 august 2019 05:05 77

    And for the last item u can build phantom dancer or cleaver, it's up to you. This build is from Stylish so u can check him too

    4 august 2019 05:06 77


    4 august 2019 09:13 77

    And for the last item u can build phantom dancer or cleaver, it's up to you.This build is from Stylish so u can check him too

    5 august 2019 19:40 77

    full lithality

    9 august 2019 04:24 77

    There is no best build for every champion in League of Legends, including Zed. It all depends on the situations. But firstly, for the current patch, Zed is best to be played mid, due to his power to bully an opposing AP Mid which does not have constant damage and also his ability to roam and make plays in other lanes. So my suggestion will be focused on Zed mid

    Spells, Runes and Masteries:
    For spells, take Ignite and Flash. Ignite helps you to burst the enemy down, while Flash is self-explanatory
    For Runes, try using Physical Damage Quints, Armor Penetration Marks, Armor Seals and Magic Resist Glyphs
    For Masteries, take 21/9/0, with all physical damage masteries in the offense tree, as well as HP and armor + magic resist masteries in the defense tree

    Starting Items:
    Elixir of Fortitude + Health Potions:
    Probably the best starting items for Zed right now. Although it is nerfed recently, it still provides all the things Zed needs in the lane: damage spike, and survivability. You will still have some extra gold to be spent for Health Potions as well. Just do not forget to activate it when you are going to trade all in, or for a bit of health boost when you are suddenly bursted by the enemy
    Doran Shield + Health Potion:
    It is good when you are facing an AD mid, such as Jayce, Ezreal or Caitlyn. It provides good stats and with the recent buff, you can also buy 1 Health Potion along with it
    Rejuvenation Bead + Health Potions + Wards:
    Not so popular build. But it may be conditional when you are not confident with your Zed's mechanics yet and afraid of ganks from the enemy's jungler

    Items Build:
    Bildgewater Cutlass - Blade of The Ruined King
    Definitely the item you need to rush. Lifesteal will help you sustain in lanes and trades, along with the extra damage and percentage health damage when you finish the Blade. Furthermore, the item's active combines well with Zed's ultimate, which means that the extra damage from activating this item will be doubled when the ultimate

    11 august 2019 18:54 77

    full lithality

    12 august 2019 13:16 77


    13 august 2019 02:59 77

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