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    Economy Guide

    There are multiple ways for one player to earn gold in Teamfight Tactics, and within this article, I will show 4 main ways of getting income, and 3 other ways that can earn you gold.

    GOLD. GOLD. GOLD. That's what economy is and what I will be talking about in this article. So buckle up and let your eyes scan through this economy guide.

    First of all, we're going to discuss the main ways of getting gold in TFT. The photo above is where you would normally see the status of your current income in the game and the different sources it comes from. So let's start it right off


    Passive Income is something that you will never lose out from. You can get from +2 gold up to +5 gold of passive income. At the start of the game, you start out with +2 gold income. At the next round (1-2), your passive income is +3 gold. At the following round (1-3), your passive income is +4 gold. Then from this point onwards, from round 2-1, your passive income is +5 gold, and won't change no matter what.

    As you can see from the 2nd photo in this article, the current passive income I have is at its maximum which is +5 passive income gold.


    As simple as it says, whenever you win against a player versus player (PvP) round, you gain +1 gold at the end of the round. That's it! I can't really show a photo of this as the gold you get from winning a PvP round is just added immediately after you win a PvP round.


    Interest is an interesting way of getting income. It basically encourages one player to save up their gold to gain more gold. You can get from +0 gold up to +5 gold interest. From 0-9, you get +0 gold interest. From 10-19, you get +1 gold interest. From 20-29, you get +2 gold interest. From 30-39, you get +3 gold interest. From 40-49, you get +4 gold interest. And as soon as you hit 50+ gold, your interest stays at +5 gold.

    From the 2nd photo, I currently had 14 gold with me therefore I had +1 interest gold in my total income. Another way of seeing how much interest you have at the moment is by looking at the left side of your screen as shown in the photo below where I currently have +3 interest gold.



    Lastly, you can get up to +3 gold from win/lose streaking. So first, what is win/lose streaking? It is basically the concept of winning or losing consecutive PvP rounds in the game. The thresholds are as of the following: 2-4 wins/loses, you get +1 gold; 5-7 wins/loses, you get +2 gold; 8+ wins/loses, you get +3 gold.
    You gain all your income at the start of the round, excluding the winning a PvP round one. So, you can possibly get a maximum of +13 gold income, and a minimum of +5 gold income from rounds 2-1 onwards. 

    If you look at the 2nd photo in this article, and the photo below, you could see that I currently had a 4-win streak as of that moment in where I had +1 gold in my total income.


    Here are some other ways of getting gold in-game though:



    As of now, 31/07/2019, you can get from 0 to 4 gold by having the pirate buff on your team composition after every PvP fight whether you win or you lose. The current pirates available in-game are the following: Graves(1-cost), Pyke(2-cost), Twisted Fate(2-cost), Gangplank(3-cost), and Miss Fortune(5-cost).

    The photo above represents the treasure chest that you go to in order to obtain your gold coming from the Pirate Buff. This chest always appear at the upper-left corner of your board after finishing a PvP fight no matter if you win or lose. The amount is random still though.

    Currently, if you do not get any item from any of the player versus environment (PvE) rounds, you can get from 1 to 5 gold instead from the random boxes. At round 1-1 to 1-3, you can get from 1, 2, then 5 gold. So, if in round 1-1, you get an item, at round 1-2, you still get 1 instead of 2. But if you do not get an item from said rounds, then you get 1 gold from round 1-1, 2 gold from round 1-2, then 5 gold from round 1-3. However, other PvE rounds gives 5 gold no matter what. The photo below is what the random boxes look like which either gives an item or gold. The gold drops look exactly as the first photo in this article shows.


    Just in-case, some people to decide and troll by saying there's also selling units. Here you go! Another way of getting gold is selling your units. At 1-star, the cost of the units is the same as their base cost. However, at 2-star or 3-star, the units sells at different prices and most likely that you lose out some of the gold that you spent on creating those star units.

    Thank you for reading this article on economy for Teamfight Tactics. It took awhile to complete the article as the images are taken directly in-game as I am playing a ranked game, so it took a bit of time and made me not get 1st place. I got 2nd though, so still worth haha.


    3 august 2019 12:50 1625

    good guide

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    nice its like good

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    thanks for the tips G

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    hello hello hello

    7 august 2019 21:08 1625

    Как вы можете видеть из 2-й фотографии в этой статье, текущий пассивный доход, который у меня есть, находится на максимуме, который составляет +5 passive income gold.

    8 august 2019 13:17 1625

    thanks for the tip

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    123882s for g=code

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    Thanks now i got a lamborghini thanks to your guide

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    thanks for guide is very helpful ;)

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