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    Rise of Kingdoms

    (4.4/5) 1213 rates

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    For 2 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Build a City Hall up to level 17 until 20 days

    Don't get new user reward

    I complete the task of reching city lvl 10 in rise of kingdom and still I got nothing. Did I waste my time and efforts?

    3 august 2019 12:30 3275

    First of all it is at level 15. I kind of liked the game and got a bit hooked on it. But once I showed my screen shot, they claim I didn't register an account with them. These games are mostly trying to lure you and try to keep you. But I am not going to fall for this kind of manipulation. And Gamehag should remove this game from the website. I registered from my cell phone with the app being linked from gamehag app. Now even gamehag says I didn't register. I am very loyal to my websites, but when they cross me, bye bye. Wanna see if they are going to resolve this.

    5 august 2019 21:15 3275


    5 august 2019 21:16 3275

    The same thing happened to me but with the game sansar. Their support is useless. You can't actually chat with a representative you just get a general answer that may not answer your question and they resolve your ticket. And no matter how many times you contact them, it's the same answer. I ended up showing the confirmation email with the date of the email and the date that I took the screenshot. Let's see if they believe that I'm a new user now. I wish they are like other big providers where you can contact them with picture proof and stuff and they give you the credits, instead of constantly sending screenshots and waiting for hours and contacting a useless support team. Also, I saw that you had a problem posting a screenshot, and I had the same problem. Support didn't help. I ended up figuring out that the limit of the image size is 3 mb.

    12 august 2019 02:18 3275

    Also, how long did it take for you to reach level 15? Will it take a long time?

    12 august 2019 02:19 3275

    It took me quite a while to get to lvl 15, but I usually only played once a day

    15 september 2019 01:09 3275

    Level 15 with no money in the game will take you I believe two months.. well over one month for sure.. not worth the daily grind

    12 november 2019 20:18 3275

    Im an old player of RoK and reach the lvl17 hall in less than 10 days whitout money is imposible!!!

    18 november 2019 08:37 3275

    niceee gameee

    10 february 2020 16:41 3275

    The game is alright

    14 february 2020 13:06 3275

    But good game thoooo

    14 february 2020 13:10 3275

    hmmmmmm what are this game?

    14 february 2020 15:18 3275


    20 february 2020 15:56 3275


    20 february 2020 15:56 3275

    its actually level 17 not 15

    28 march 2020 22:14 3275

    I did lvl 17 in 15 days but it's says it will automatically verify. 2 days ago I finished it, still no gems.

    30 march 2020 14:59 3275

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