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    Legit article got rejected as spam!

    Hey not sure if talking about articles is banned on the forums or not but I have a question and I need help, why the hell did my legit article got rejected as spam? It's an actual review, has pictures and everything and it got rejected as spam. I opened a ticket and since I was hella mad I responded irresponsibly (swearing...), even tho my ticket wasn't really offensive they just temporarily banned me without giving reasons. so, is anyone experiencing the same problem, their two+ hours of work just got rejected as spam?!

    2 august 2019 10:41 1628

    mine too...... spend 2 hours writing a longgggggg article and BOOM ''your article has been rejected by USER'' =))))) nice job gamehag =)))))))

    2 august 2019 23:16 1628

    Just in case, you should check if your article has everything (pictures, good grammar, not a duplicate...) because sometimes articles do get rejected for an actual reason but you get a wrong reason instead.

    3 august 2019 08:26 1628

    yes they never take users seriously

    3 august 2019 08:37 1628

    I don't even know who I should trust because of how bad this site is! there are users abusing the article votings and there are gamehag who never takes us seriously! Stuff like this never used to happen last year, making an article was easier and sometimes moderators will seek to help you if you have a problem.

    3 august 2019 08:39 1628

    Just receive a response from them. They are taking the quality of articles more than ever. not only that but the way they responded sounded like they never even checked my article.
    They basically told me "hey your article doesn't meet the requirement of users and moderators"(which isn't true, if my article didn't meet the requirement then my learn to fly article shouldn't even be accepted in the first place) "and if you still think your article is good enough, there is a possibility of users thinking the topic isn't interesting" (which is still not true! pretty sure people do like Sonic the hedgehog)
    What they are actually saying "your article sucks and if you want it to be accepted then you'll have to work yourself off like it's your job"
    One thing they didn't address is the reason why my legit article got marked as spam (a problem that lots of people are facing) They spoke to me stuff that was already addressed in the faq and didn't even answer my question at all. Thanks, gamehag.

    3 august 2019 08:55 1628

    Happened with me a lot

    3 august 2019 08:56 1628

    Hmm how does that work

    3 august 2019 09:06 1628

    update: so I resent my article and another different article yesterday, both of them got rejected as spam at the same time! I've checked if there are comments on them but there are none. it's starting to look suspicious now...

    4 august 2019 20:47 1628

    I do agree that it looks suspicious but I don't think I'm that special for them to target me. I never got any serious bans on this site, and the moderators have always been helpful and nice to me. Sure, I did get some 1-day bans of one or two features but these bans are literally nothing and anyone at one point can get them (they are like warnings)

    4 august 2019 21:14 1628

    It hapenned with me too.

    5 august 2019 00:23 1628

    I've finally managed to get my articles accepted. thanks to anyone who helped me fix this problem! If you experienced this issue with your legit article, all you can do is simply talk to misty professionally and they'll help you out.

    5 august 2019 18:43 1628

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