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    Walls of offers tasks.

    In the King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare and Guns of Glory games there are three tasks to do each. The first of each is to upgrade the hq to level 10 then the second to level 12 and then to level 17. This applies to both games. While I have done both first tasks (to upgrade to level 10 in each game) the other tasks of these games are not working (I have reached level 12 hq in both games and have done the task mission). They sadly give no rewards. Anyone knows a solution? I cannot contact the providers of the tasks because I cannot find the button to do so.

    1 august 2019 19:09 1628

    They don't always check properly..most people have problem completing offers

    1 august 2019 21:02 1628

    The first were completed almost instantly after I completed them. The others have the problem.

    1 august 2019 21:03 1628

    most i app task i do dont seem to work

    2 august 2019 09:17 1628

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