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    Why people report threads without spam?

    Stop do this please,report only spam.Normal peoples lost lvls because you report all

    1 august 2019 16:19 1628

    Coz they can

    1 august 2019 17:01 1628

    The reports have to be approved by an admin, so that means you did do something wrong from Gamehag's POV.

    1 august 2019 18:02 1628

    Fomi is indeed correct, the admins have the final say in it, so if you lose level it's because you spammed not because of people who report everything ( by the way not using the report button correct will result in a ban from using it)

    1 august 2019 18:08 1628

    Maybe because they dont like regular people so they report them for nothing and idk..

    1 august 2019 19:30 1628

    Yea mods here aren't too great..they reject legit articles

    1 august 2019 21:07 1628

    If you copy an article from another website, or write the same thing over and over that is not a legit article.

    5 august 2019 00:08 1628

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