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    Five Nights At Freddys ( Main Animatronics, Etc.)

    Hello, Im JaviVlates, I'm here to tell you about five nights at freddy's Sister location, no prizes for FNAF ( Five Nights At Freddy's) 
    I'm just here to tell you more about Five Nights at freddy's Sister location if you need help and I'll have tips on how to beat the games

    Sister Location, My favorite Fnaf game.

    Circus Baby, The mascot of the franchise, She wears a red shirt and skirt, He Has Orange hair in pig tails. Green eyes and red cheeks.
    She talks through most of the game, Helping you until she does not want to anymore.

    Funtime Freddy, Not the classic colored bear you expected at first, He now is white with purple highlights
    Funtime Freddy is first found in the breaker room, he tries to get to you but you can trick him by using bon bon's fake voice while fixing the power

    Funtime Foxy, This Foxy now has white fur with pink highlights, this fox has motion sensor eyes, so you have to be careful encountering foxy, 
    They are First seen in Funtime Auditorium.

    Ballora, The Ballerina of the group, she is blind so all she can do is listen, You have to be silent when you hear music become louder. Ballora is considered "The Wife of Springtrap"

    Ennard, Ennard is everyone combined together to make one. They Did this so they can all fit into one human body, They did this because they cant leave looking like robots, they combined their selves, to make Ennard.

    A famous youtuber name Game Theories have cracked the entire case of Fnaf and explains everything, if you want to find out more about fnaf, Go to his YouTube channel                                                                See the source image

    Sister location has made a huge impact on the fnaf theories, Maybe More than the rest , This game was crazy, Circus baby is the MAIN main animatronic. 
    All the Sister location characters were programmed to kill and kidnap kids, Circus Baby counts the kids in her room, When there is only one they strike to get the kid. The Funtimes are the lives of the original animatronics Bonnie, Foxy And Freddy. Circus baby is the daughter of michael afton, Elizabeth Afton. Ballora the Wife of springtrap, Micheal afton's mom.

    Funtime Freddy and Circus baby, These both have Storage tanks to hide kids in, Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy are meant to be a pair and share a stage,  Ballora sings in Sister location, But she says something all broken down, not sure what she says, but i know its a secret message.

    About my view on Sister Location : 

    I love FNaF Sister Location,  The Funtime animatronics are my favorite characters, They May be killer robots but they are so loveable, I personally ship them. If you guys want other FNaF game articles you can always request for them, You can also request articles about batim or something else, Ill get to know it and tell you guys about it Only Horror games tho, That's the person i am. Well this is the end of my article hope it helped you or you just enjoyed reading it!

    29 july 2019 12:11 1625

    Good and pretty scary

    6 august 2019 18:54 1625

    i need level pls

    6 august 2019 19:38 1625

    I like this game and animations too.

    7 august 2019 08:34 1625

    I want more apps

    7 august 2019 08:34 1625

    sweet forum

    7 august 2019 09:26 1625


    7 august 2019 09:28 1625

    It is a scary game, but it is awesome.

    8 august 2019 08:34 1625


    12 august 2019 05:45 1625

    thanks but this is so scary XD

    12 august 2019 09:16 1625

    i want to downlaod this

    12 august 2019 09:17 1625

    this game is easy at night 1 but then you reach night 8 its really hard

    12 august 2019 11:12 1625


    12 august 2019 13:41 1625


    12 august 2019 13:41 1625

    Это правда что дают опыт когды играешь 1 час

    12 august 2019 13:41 1625

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