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    Ways to get sg gems! | Simple

    Read this article to find out the ways to get sg gems!

    1. play mini-games.
    the most simple way to get soul gems is to play some mini-games lets say it is 1 soul gems per 100 points, when you get better at the game you can get around 1000 points which are 10 soul gems it is not a quick method but it is a simple one and the easiest one to do on slow computers.
    2. play the games listed under the games tab
    so it is pretty self explanatory just click "get more" and then click "games" after that just choose a game you like and click "play for free" to register an account after you have your account you are gonna click the I II or III buttons and complete the task that pops up, once completed take a screenshot and click finish on the task where you will then place the screenshot in the box.
    3. create content
    a third way to make easy soul gems is to make content like writing articles such as this one but never ever copy-paste content it will get you banned.
    4. log in daily
    if you log in daily you will get 5 soul gems a day and with the "mana" rune you can get 7 a day for 7 days which is a pretty good way to get soul gems but just like the mini-games, it is slow.
    5. chest
    simple, open the steam daily chest
    6. get top 3 players
    to get top 3 players you need to get the most soul gems that day and then you will be given more soul gems for it pretty neat way to get people to get a lot of soul gems for more soul gems
    7. level up
    with each level up you get more soul gems

    that that you know how to get soul gems to go spend them on things like cs:go or some random steam keys have fun :) but don't spend them all on the chest they are mostly a waste of soul gems from what people say and with own personal experience

    like one time I bought 6 chests to get fallout 4 and every time I got a steam game worth less than 3 dollars
    that is all, I have to tell you all so... I guess just read these poems to pass the time?

    The stiff spokes of this wheel touch the sore spots of the earth.   On the Potomac, swan-white power launches keep breasting the sulfurous wave.   Otters slide and dive and slick back their hair, raccoons clean their meat in the creek.   On the circles, green statues ride like South American liberators above the breeding vegetation—   prongs and spearheads of some equatorial backland that will inherit the globe.   The elect, the elected . . . they come here bright as dimes, and die disheveled and soft.   We cannot name their names, or number their dates— circle on the circle, like rings on a tree—   but we wish the river had another shore, some further range of delectable mountains,   distant hills powdered blue as a girl’s eyelid. It seems the least little shove would land us there,   that only the slightest repugnance of our bodies we no longer control could drag us back.

    I recommend reading this whole article for lots of sg gems! Be happy for more content!


    29 july 2019 11:20 1625

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