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    Should CSGO servers be renewed?

    Hello, in this article I will talk about CSGO servers, the problems with them and the fixes.

    So as you people know, CSGO servers are 64 ticks, but is it enough to play well a FPS game? The answer is no.
    The tickrate is known to be the refresh rate of the server, so if the server has 64 ticks, it will refresh 64 times in a second, however, sometimes the game doesn't count your shots, why? Because the tickrate is low. If the tickrate was higher, you would probably have no issues with shots not counting, however, Valve doesn't care at all, as you see.

    So if the servers were 128 ticks, the refresh rate would be higher, allowing the server to count things that with 64 ticks sometimes it wouldn't. People have being telling Valve to change their servers to 128 ticks, but nothing. Seems that Valve doesn't care about community, but only money...

    A research has already prooved that 64 ticks isn't enough to play a FPS game, why Valve isn't changing it?

    Talking now about advantages: (afaik)
    -Bunnyhopping is easier in 128 ticks;
    -Shots don't seem to pass through the opponent;
    -Shots and position are more accurate.

    -Bunnyhopping is more difficult;
    -You can't train grenades from 128 ticks to 64 ticks, some won't work;
    -Shots and position are not very accurate;
    -Users on lower end PC's and internet connections would be screwed over as they wouldn't be able to take in all of those updates from the servers, 128 tick is really high.
    -It costs a high price to get all servers to 128 ticks, so think about it.

    There's a video for more information if you want to see.


    So now that you know the differences between the two tickrates, what would you choose? I would obviously the 128 tickrate, much better of course, but like said above, some players on low-end PCs would struggle to handle 128 ticks. (Almost half of the CSGO player database are low-end PC players)

    If you were the Valve CEO, tell me, what would you do? Change the servers to 128 tickrate or keep them at 64 tickrate?
    You have advantages and disadvantages, so you would need to choose well, or you would loose your players. (Wasn't a big deal for Valve, since the money they make is enough to make a new game and get players again, and don't you dare to say it's not true, it is, as you see, Valve only cares for money, not the community itself)

    I sure would change as a CEO of Valve with the money they make. They wouldn't not loose making a new CSGO, as some people already thought, and in my opinion, it wouldn't be a bad idea, since CSGO is already a bit dead, if you know what I mean.

    So guys, that's the article for today, hope you enjoyed.

    28 july 2019 10:10 1625

    True, we need to have 128 bit servers New in ''no money right now''

    22 february 2020 09:37 1625

    Yea because of ticks i have a lot of problems... Doubling tick count would be wery useful

    22 february 2020 19:27 1625

    True, we need to have 128 bit servers New in ''no money right now''

    22 february 2020 19:28 1625

    yea i dont think so too beacuse the server must be able to find hackers more easily (of course prime servers)

    21 march 2020 15:04 1625

    I also think like you

    21 march 2020 15:09 1625

    I dont think that will happen doe

    21 march 2020 21:11 1625

    yes it would do that

    22 march 2020 11:31 1625

    I would love that but Valve cares only about the money so they probably wont do that

    22 march 2020 12:26 1625

    i want them to do this but knowing valve they wont

    22 march 2020 18:28 1625

    I would love to have 128tick servers.

    23 march 2020 01:18 1625

    The discussion about 128 tick servers has been going on for a long time

    8 april 2020 20:24 1625

    i don't think they should

    8 april 2020 20:49 1625

    True, we need to have 128 bit servers New in ''no money right now'

    8 april 2020 21:05 1625

    YES they need to get rid of these fcking servers

    9 april 2020 00:54 1625

    everyone is laggy and i have on every from 5% to 10% choke

    9 april 2020 00:55 1625

    i hate this valves servers

    9 april 2020 00:55 1625

    Yea because of ticks i have a lot of

    9 april 2020 00:58 1625

    true I think we do need some more stuff because this is sucks so bad

    9 april 2020 05:46 1625

    Of course yes

    9 april 2020 05:49 1625

    it is great but i lprefer a litle but sf it will be beter

    26 april 2020 13:12 1625

    Woah woah not yet I still need try the new map “Chlorine”

    26 april 2020 13:15 1625

    why would they are they have great servers

    26 april 2020 14:26 1625

    they just should add new mods and maps

    26 april 2020 14:27 1625

    Maybe cs go 2 it could be greay

    26 april 2020 14:49 1625

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