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    Guardians of Ember

    Usually a mixture of two styles produces strange, distorted creations, but in the Guardians of Man we didn't have to catch our eyes and ears to flee. It is a work of art, as if they were Diablo and WoW.

    So basically, this is a top-view Diablo clone where we control heroes to deal with evil. Left-click to defeat the enemy, move up a level, gain new abilities that make you feel even stronger, and beat even stronger opponents. In the meantime, let's drift away with the addictive loot system of ARPGs, which puts our characters in better clothes and putting more powerful weapons in their hands.

    So GoE is trying to sneak in action-packed moments and loot, but it also launches an attack on another front against my addiction, which is the MMORPG line. GoE also hides a hard-line online role-playing game with features likely to trigger saliva release. We are never alone in the game - theoretically, but we return to that.
    There can always be someone close to us who is on the same level as us, and who is trying to break the path for himself in the stretch where we are adventuring. In this case, we can jointly defeat our common enemies and accomplish the tasks entrusted to us. For example, there are public events that anyone can perform at any time solo or with others.
    These will usually be multi-step tasks that focus on a small area and appear randomly on the map, and when completed, experience points and gold hit our mark.

    The role-playing line is also enhanced by the fact that the object creation is relatively simple yet gives some depth to the program, and even objects can be enchanted to give them extra features. In addition, we can learn trades such as mining and fishing, which, while not very exciting, add color to the palette. We can also grow plants that we can use to make different kinds of herbal drinks, or we can build our own house, which can even be furnished with furniture and ornaments. In addition, of course, the basics are in place, so there is a character sheet that places our features and equipment on it, and a whole bunch of abilities await us to put them to shreds. One of the specialties of GoE is the aforementioned ability system, where you can test over 300 skills. When you reach level 15, you also have the option of activating the dual class system, which means that you can add the full ability system of another class as a secondary ability.

    we may run into dungeons from time to time. These are special, so-called instance-created areas that are created for us and can be completed in three difficulty levels, and at the end the game gives us some special lottery. Of course, we can clean up these places in a team as well, but to play through the story doesn't force us to multiply.


    28 july 2019 10:09 1625

    ow yeah

    1 august 2019 02:17 1625

    i need 3lvl :c

    16 august 2019 05:54 1625

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