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    My opinion about the game Parkour ROBLOX

    Parkour is a game on Roblox what i played years. Here is my opinion about it.

    The game called Parkour what is on roblox is my favorite game for 2-3 years. In this game you can parkour and u need to rank up to unlock new gloves.
    I really like the game and i hope if you try it you will like it too.
    I was level 60 when a big new update change all the game in more good but the level restarts to all the players. I was so sad beacuse my work was gone.
    I started again working everyday on it to can make my level back. after i maked my level back i continue playing. Now im Level 161.
    The game is pretty cool for me so i played a lot.
     The gamepasses gives you cool perks but i dont have enough to can buy it. And in this day i still dont have it. In the game are 10 gamepasses:
    More Points, Radio, Freerunning, Binoculars, Powergrip Gauntlet, Radio Mixer, Rainbow UI, Time Trial Fast Travel, Extra Saved Positions and Emote Pack.
    These are the gamepasses. If you don't belive me, go search on roblox "Parkour" and look at the gamepasses.
    Yeah i own the rainbow ui. I want the Powergrip as that much. It helps u a lot. U can fall and the wallboost, etc.
    In the game you can dance you can do a lot of funny and intresing thinks. Sometimes i freerun solo beacuse only people what have Powergrip (for short pg) want to run with me and makes me feel bad beacuse i dont have it and sometimes i run with them to challenge my self cuz i really like do to that.
    you can do commands like:
    /e dab (you will dab)
    /e bad (you will spin doing dab)
    Its so funny, here is a Photo with me:gMySIZCtOXT7Ia8oX8o7HSUB0TU9LZ.png

    This game hast a tutorial and a Advanced tutorial what aren't so hard to be completed.
       In this game you can collect different types of bags.
    Here is the bag types:
    Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Ultimate.
    They are hidden in different locations in map. These bags gives u skins what u can wear on mag rope what u get at level 15 or on powergrip what u get with gamepass.
    The gloves in the game are:
    Glove level 5+
    Black Glove level 15+
    Master Glove level 30+
    Custom Glove level 45+
    Praxis GLove level 60+
    Duality Glove level 150+
    Glowing Glove level 100+ (makes your glove glowing)
    The newest gloves are:
    Artifice Glove level 200+
    Sybaritic Glove level 250+
    These are the gloves for right arm
    Mag rope level 12+
    For left arm
    Zipline Kit level 15+
    Spring Kit level 22+
    These are for back (you wear them on your back)
    Powergrip Gauntlet
    These are items with gamepass

    The players are racing sometimes at advanced tutorial and in other locations

    Time trials are giving you points. If you got a gold time at it you will get more points. someones are harder someones are easier to make but its ok.
    many people are racing for bags or for skins.
     Ina day i joined with the game creator. i was so happy. It was crazy cuz he put some gravity 1000 Like that
    This was my opinion about the game Parkour.Hope u like it! Bye!

    27 july 2019 10:28 1625

    i like roblox mostly trolling ro-bangers😆

    7 september 2019 18:11 1625

    and what i dont like is when people say oof

    7 september 2019 18:11 1625

    i like robloks

    7 september 2019 18:57 1625

    because its fun

    7 september 2019 18:57 1625

    i want robux so i gotta level up

    7 september 2019 18:58 1625

    anyone agree

    7 september 2019 18:58 1625

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