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    Today i talk littlte bit about world of tanks. World of tanks is a team strategy game. Where u need capture enemy base or destroy all of their tanks.
    World of tanks is created by Wargaming http://eu.wargaming.net/ . There are many diffrent games like World of warships and World of warplanes.  
    All they are team strategy game.
    In World of tanks u can buy tanks by money what u earned in battles or what u buyed with real money. There are 5 diffrent type of tanks: Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers and SPGS. In the Team Training mode you can master new vehicles, explore unfamiliar maps, practice playing vehicles of any tier, or rehearse strategies with your team mates. Many players use this mode to experiment with various tank mechanics, learning new maps, strategic planning and movement, and teaching new players about the game in 1 vs 1 matches. In World of tanks u can buy moduels to tank.There are 10 diffrent tiers like tier 1 have 100hp and tier 5 have 600hp and tier 10 have 2400 hp.Every tier goes more expensive like tier 2 cost 3 600$ tier 5 cost 480K and tier 10 cost 7millions.When u win or lose u get money and experience point but why u need that beacuse with experince points u can develop ur tank or to develop new tank. World of tanks has mobile version too what is free and named World of tanks blitz.


    26 june 2017 14:42 1625

    sadsa qwe an

    31 october 2019 16:38 1625


    1 november 2019 08:55 1625

    World of tanks is a game all about war and strategy.. and i like it!

    1 november 2019 20:54 1625

    goh wow now

    1 november 2019 22:45 1625

    is so good right

    1 november 2019 22:45 1625

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