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    Where to send screenshots?

    Hi, I finished offer from Wall of Terror (Fyber) but I didnt received any gems. Gamehag support told me that they have no permission to repair this and Fyber support sent me email that I have to send a screenshot. I sent one as a reply on their email but I did not get any answer. Have you guys experience with this?

    18 july 2019 08:26 1628

    @jakolev I have a few times and they can reply either in a few minutes or a few days after you send the screenshot. I can say for sure they'll reply, I just can't exactly tell how long you'll get any reply.
    EDIT: they usually reply saying that sometimes you'll need to exit and reopen the app (the crediting app, not the Gamehag one) to get your SG. I hope that helps.

    18 july 2019 09:25 1628

    Thanks a lot man :) finally someone who gave me info :) So its right to send screenshot as a reply to that email that they sent me? (There is the number of ticket and so on...)

    18 july 2019 09:40 1628

    Yes. When you send the form to report, you'll get an automated reply asking you to send 'proof' that you've completed the task, which is in most cases will be a screenshot.

    18 july 2019 09:42 1628

    where can i send the screenshot asap

    30 december 2019 07:28 1628

    i am interested too

    2 january 2021 00:16 1628

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