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    Required forum fixes

    The forum, aka Hydepark (look on sidebar for a "story") is kind of a total mess. Here I have got a few suggestions how to fix it:
    - Auto-lock threads after 4-6 months of inactivity
    - The "Recent Posts" column should get renamed to be called "Top Posts". And the up/downvote buttons should be removed in this part
    - In the mobile app the report buttons should get added
    - You should be able to "mute" or "subscribe" to a thread, in order to (not) get anymore notifications about it
    - The forum rules should be besides the forum/in a sticky post
    - Linking to a forum page doesn't work always.

    Please, have a look into it I hope Gamehag will do something about this, react if you got more ideas or tips!

    Edit: Make sure enters from mobile website get saved. Fixed it on PC...

    17 july 2019 18:14 1628

    I can't agree with you more mate. some topic should be pinned in the forum.

    17 july 2019 18:24 1628

    Moderators should review reports too and not just deleted every comment reported. (This is probably going to get me muted again like last time without a reason)

    17 july 2019 18:31 1628

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