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    I found a plagiarized article, but for some reason I cannot post to the reporting thread

    There's a plagiarized article that I found that's originally written in Persian, but I cannot post that report to the reporting thread.
    I have tried posting it a few times, but the post is erased every time I do it. I got banned for trying to post it over and over again!

    17 july 2019 10:28 1628

    First thing you should know is not to post the links of any site in your comment, also you can always contact misty. it is not necessary to post it on the forum.
    You can post the links in the forum but if someone (just one is enough) report you will be reported.
    I got banned for the same reason four times.

    17 july 2019 13:54 1628

    @yazdan While I do believe that posting links aren't allowed in the forums, posting links to original articles should still be allowed else we won't have the thread to report plagiarized articles. I think what this guy is trying to say is that he/she is trying to post the link to the original but somehow got banned instead.

    17 july 2019 14:05 1628

    Yes I am saying that I wrote down the address but I got banned, so if I find something, instead of typing (www.sitename.com/article/...), I will just write the website's name.

    17 july 2019 14:13 1628

    Well, that's strange. If you really check the plagiarized article thread, almost every post has a link in it and I don't see anyone being banned, just some of the older reports being removed. I did the report for two people there and I'm still here without any bans. Are you sure you're not mixing it up with being banned for posting other unrelated links?

    17 july 2019 14:21 1628

    I don't know, but it happened to me. when I was trying to write a comment and I was using a website address and I immediately got a ban.

    17 july 2019 14:29 1628

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