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    How it works

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    In this Thread, I will explain all you need to know about REFERRAL SYSTEM.

    15 july 2019 10:03 1628


    1. In order to confirm that your referral users are not fake ones they should reach 1000SG, then they become active users.

    2. You will be rewarded for each active user (200SG each).

    3. You can only invite new accounts, it means, your referral should be under 1000SG( total income).

    4. If you are ahead of 1000SG you can not use other's referral code.

    5. For each active person, you will receive 200SG and for more, you will receive an extra reward as fellow:

    6. LEVEL 1
      +250 Soul Gems FOR REFERRAL 10 USERS

      LEVEL 2
      +500 Soul Gems FOR REFERRAL 30 USERS

      LEVEL 3
      +500 Soul Gems FOR REFERRAL 50 USERS

      LEVEL 4
      +1250 Soul Gems FOR REFERRAL 100 USERS

      LEVEL 5
      +10000 Soul Gems FOR REFERRAL 500 USERS

      15 july 2019 10:31 1628

    How to use my Friends code?

    You have to click HERE or check the instruction in the picture below.

    You should enter your friend's code in REFERRAL SYSTEM -->TELL Us, WHO RECOMMENDED YOU --> Press Save.


    15 july 2019 10:35 1628

    If you can please Like this instruction to be placed on top conversations and everyone uses it.
    If you have any other question or want to support me you can always send me your add friends.

    15 july 2019 10:44 1628

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