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    Teratech - review and guide to making money

    Teratech is a open-world sandbox game where you can build and design cars, planes, helicopters and everything in beetween. It is a game made by Payload Studios. The main goal of the game is to explore a wide range of biomes, to battle enemies, and to craft various vehicles.

    Teratech is one of my favorite games but I will admit it isn't perfect. The game often times suffers from large lag spikes which sometimes cause the game to be completely unplayable, and sometimes takes very long to load certain parts of the map. Other than that I dont have any complaints and rate the game a solid 10/10. I highly recommend getting this game if you want a game with the creativity of minecraft combined with battlebots.

    How to make lots of money

     To start you will need to find a Auto Miner. After getting a auto miner you should look for a Eurodite Outcrop. They are bright green and slightly glow in the dark making them easy to find. They commonly appear in groups of 3, but it is possible to find a much larger group.
    17n0uusnSPrLXZbHpQlr2YAUmXoHiz.png(This is a Eurodite outcrop)

    Eurodite outcrops are commonly and only found in the grasslands biome, which is characterized for its green grass and lots of trees. The grasslands can be difficult to navigate with a larger vehicle so it is recommended that you use a small and agile vehicle to make finding eurodite easier. You fortunately start the game in a grasslands biome so finding Eurodite should be easy enough.
    I've found some Eurodite, what now?
    You should try to mine it first and place a auto miner over the seam that appears after you mine it, keep in mind it matters that you place the auto miner
    directly ON the seam, if you don't it wont start mining the seam.
    a8HbhyQp0oYBOYLhFiizrS8XXFsu9b.png(this is what the seam looks like, remember, you need to place the auto miner directly on it)
    After you place the auto miner on the seam and it starts mining (it will still keep mining even if you're far away from it) , you should make a basic conveyor layout, to do so, just place a receiver near a single (or group of) auto miner an connect it to a delivery cannon using conveyors, or you can connect the conveyor to a refinery first, which refines resources to greatly increase their value, then connect it to a delivery cannon (this also works with any other resource seems you find, but keep in mind, seams aren't infinite, they eventually run out of resources).
    Here is a basic example of a conveyor layout:
    If you don't want to sell the eurodite then simply redirect the conveyors from the delivery cannon to a silo.
    One last thing to keep in mind, your miners can be attacked and destroyed, to prevent this, either put some solar generators and shield and repair bubbles on and/or near your auto miners and conveyors. It is also advised to build a turret (or multiple) that is capable of defending the auto miners or distracting the intruders until you arrive.

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