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    Why isn't there a PlayStation 4 gift card?

    I was looking at the gift card rewards and I'm a bit disappointed not to see one for PlayStation 4. Heck, there's only 4 game rewards for the PS4 that I'm seeing. Not much of a selection.

    11 july 2019 01:44 1628

    Then buy a paysafe card gift and put the money from it

    11 july 2019 07:09 1628

    i dont know if this is true. but this site works with promotional codes and ps4 might not want to work with gamehag. i could be wrong

    11 july 2019 13:20 1628

    You can send your suggestion directly to Misty for improving the Site; If there are a lot of users who want and support the same thing, the GH team will do something about that. For now you can buy a Visa card and use it for your PSN account.

    11 july 2019 20:07 1628

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