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    Birthday Chest

    New birthday chest is now available in the shop. The price is 1200 Soul Gems and with discount is now only 960. I am not recommending you to buy but if you did, please tell here what did you get and is it worth it or not!?

    9 july 2019 21:59 1628

    Just don't buy chests, my friend. If you want to you have to spend so many gems.

    14 july 2019 13:08 1628

    it will be waste of gems if you buy a chest

    14 july 2019 15:32 1628

    chests are waste of gems

    14 july 2019 16:57 1628

    Buying chests is a waste of gems because you only get bad things like steam random game and runes. You can look on youtube I watched a lot of videos of people opening chests and all they got was steam random games. Just wait until you have enough for the reward you want and buy it.

    14 july 2019 19:12 1628

    you'll just waste ur SG i do not recommend that

    15 july 2019 07:03 1628

    i don't want to open birthday chest if contain of it have random CD key

    15 july 2019 10:29 1628

    The Birthday Chest contains the best prizes. It also contains the most notorious prize of all time, with a 99,9% chance to get it. Ladies and gentleman, it is the...

    That is totally Gamehag

    15 july 2019 10:55 1628

    Agreed, better buy other rewards

    15 july 2019 11:38 1628

    I wanted a Roblox gift card by I ended up selling the prize Fallout3 two times and after that I wasted all my soul gems and got a steam key.

    15 july 2019 15:30 1628

    It isnt worth it,TRUST ME!

    15 july 2019 16:47 1628

    It's not worth it, I opened many chests and all I got is random steam key. Just save up for better rewards.

    16 july 2019 19:01 1628

    Chests seem a bit too random to really give you anything worth having.

    16 july 2019 20:30 1628

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