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    Lost experience

    Hi I logged in today and I noticed that my lvl decreased drom 3lvl 96% to 79%, I am active user, on forum I never use spam and try to help others. What could be the reason?

    8 july 2019 10:04 1628

    probably some mad moderator thinking u reacting something useless

    8 july 2019 19:10 1628

    Yeah, the same thing happened on my account too. went below L3 again

    10 july 2019 00:34 1628

    Haven’t reached L4 yet. Highest I got was 90 % on L3 I think.

    10 july 2019 00:35 1628

    Same here, friend list also disappeared for week.

    10 july 2019 08:16 1628

    moderator problem, I think so....

    10 july 2019 10:46 1628

    PRobably a moderator that does not having his best day

    10 july 2019 12:51 1628

    It also happened to me I lost 10% exp for no reason.

    10 july 2019 16:22 1628

    You lose 10 xp each time for spamming, the only ones at fault are yourselves for making threads/comments that are considered spam and you will be losing more xp for complaining about it. My advise would be, don't focus so much on commenting to level up, only comment or make threads that are either helpful or have value for more people then just yourself

    10 july 2019 17:25 1628

    I keep losing XP for no reason 20 percent down

    10 july 2019 19:37 1628

    @Emma21 you lost all your xp because you have been spamming non-stop which isn't allowed, you lose 10xp for each spam comment and thread, and you also have been posting your referal code all over the place which is also not allowed, you lose your level because of your own bad behavior not for no reason at all. ( by the way complaining about losing xp is also considered spamming)

    13 july 2019 13:19 1628

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