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    Dead By Daylight - The Spirit

    Rin Yamaoka or ''The Spirit'' is a fictional character from the game dead by daylight. She's one of the 16 killers and she was introduced in the chapter 9 named Shattered Bloodline, released on 18 september 2018. She is the fifth female killer!

    Her Power
    Yamaoka's Haunting is the Spirits power, to use her ability you need to hold down m2 and after a short time period to channel the ability the spirit gains movement speed for a short duration (5 seconds without addons) but she can't see the survivors but can hear them and can  only see their scratch marks and blood if she uses the addon ''Father's Glasses''. While she is using her ability it appears for survivor like she is standing still. Her power makes noise but can be reduced to nothing with the use of the addon '' prayer beads bracelet ''.


    Spirit Fury
    Is one of the spirits perks and can be unlocked for all killers' bloodwebs at level 30 (spirits level). After breaking 4/3/2 pallets (depending on the perk level) the next pallet that hits you is instantly broken! This perk can be used as many times as possible, but for it to activate again you need to break the same amount of pallets again!

    Hex: Haunted Ground
    Is a hex perk but a special one at that. Hex means it spawns a hex totem but this perk spawns 2 hex totems! After a survivors cleanses either one every survivors gains the Exposed status effect (insta down) for 40/50/60 seceonds (Depending on the perks level) and the remaining hex totem becomes a normal totem! This perk can be obtained for all killers at level 35.

    One of the four survivors become the obsession, each time a generator is completed you can see all survivors' locations for 3 seconds and the obsession sees your aura for 5/4/3 seconds (Depending on the perk level). Once all the Generators are completed the obsession gains the exposed status effect and the killre can mori the obsession. This perk is obtained for all killers at level 40.

    All of these perks can be bought at the shrine of secrets for 2000 iridiscent shards!

    The Skins
    The spirit has many skins, which change her clothes a bit but the best are the most expensive ones which are the school girl outfits! 2 of them can be bought with iridiscent shards but one of them can only be bought with auric cells! Her customization isn't great like other killers but its still better than nothing!

    The Achievements
    There are 2 achievements for the spirit:
    Adept Spirit
    Achieve a merciless victory with the spirit using only her perks: Spirit fury, Hex: Haunted Ground and Rancor! To achieve a merciless victory you need to gain 2 pips!
    You need to use her special ability (m2) to down a total of 30 survivors!

    My favorite build
    Father's Glasses and Yakuyoke Amulet for the speed and more visibility while using my ability 

    Spirit fury, Hex: Ruin, Hex: Thrill Of the Hunt and Enduring.

    A red mori or Cut Coin!

    This article was made by a noob with 300+ hours in dbd, so if you don't like this article its fine!

    7 july 2019 22:39 1625

    yo so cool

    31 july 2019 15:42 1625

    I LOVE IT!

    6 august 2019 12:28 1625

    I LOVE IT!

    6 august 2019 14:17 1625

    hy there is man

    6 august 2019 14:32 1625

    But there are a few typing problems

    6 august 2019 15:47 1625

    It's been a while since I've played that game and just got bored of it i guess

    6 august 2019 16:19 1625

    wow this game so cool

    8 august 2019 21:17 1625

    Nice!!! Look great

    8 august 2019 21:27 1625

    Dead by daylight is kind of scary but i love the game then you become the killer its very very fun to play you have to murder them all till no one will servive

    15 august 2019 15:25 1625

    Это часть не Прат

    15 august 2019 15:27 1625

    This game seems fun.

    18 august 2019 10:40 1625

    I like this gameplay

    18 august 2019 10:52 1625

    goood game

    18 august 2019 14:02 1625

    i never played this game befor

    18 august 2019 15:29 1625

    é Belissimo

    18 august 2019 16:29 1625

    lo adoro come gioco

    18 august 2019 16:29 1625

    a me piace molto

    18 august 2019 16:30 1625

    Dead by Daylight is a great game. I am playing it.

    19 august 2019 09:45 1625

    It's really a god game to play with your friends.

    19 august 2019 10:02 1625

    Playing as a killer is difficult.

    19 august 2019 10:26 1625

    I think this game doesn't have large player count. because it takes time to find a game.

    19 august 2019 10:53 1625

    Lol easy to get gen rushed because she has no map presence.

    4 september 2019 21:29 1625

    you just hide do the missions and ascape if you can but you really have to look out

    4 september 2019 22:20 1625

    это крутая игра но мне нравица другая

    7 september 2019 16:48 1625

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